Telestream Pipeline Encoder: I/O on the Network

Videography by by Oliver Peters Telestream has started to ship their much-anticipated Pipeline encoder and capturing system for QuickTime and Final Cut Pro, just in time for the holidays. You're probably wondering why the video world needs another capture device in a space already occupied by other established manufacturers. That concern might be valid if Pipeline were simply a capture card, but it's important to understand how it differs. Telestream has earned a reputation as an encoding company, first with FlipFactory and more recently with its Flip4Mac software, which enables Windows Media encoding on the Mac. Plus, they've actively developed the Episode series of products, a comprehensive encoding suite based on the 2006 acquisition of Popwire's Compression Master technology. Pipeline becomes another unit in this family of products. Other competing capture systems connect to the computer via a PCIe card or FireWire, but Pipeline uses Ethernet and standard IP addressing. Since it connects at 10/100-T rates, as well as Gig-E, Pipeline works with both older and newer Macs and is a network-aware device. In short, having the Pipeline unit attached to one workstation means that any other Mac on this same LAN is able to access Pipeline and ingest or output to tape. Likewise, if you have several Pipeline units on the same LAN, you have a choice of which to use. read more...

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