The Adobe Premiere Pro to SpeedGrade Workflow

wolfcrow by Sareesh Sudhakaran

Adobe Premiere Pro can directly export projects to Adobe Speedgrade, and any color corrections that happen in Speedgrade are carried back to Premiere Pro. All this happens with zero transcoding. This tutorial explains this workflow.

If you’re new to Premiere Pro or Speedgrade, start by reading:

Adobe Premiere Pro Export Guide
Adobe Speedgrade Crash-course for Beginners

Exporting a project from Adobe Premiere Pro to Adobe Speedgrade CC

Once you’ve locked your edit, all you need to do is select the sequence you want to export and go to File > Direct Link to Adobe Speedgrade….

Save Premiere Pro Project b4 Speedgrade

Click Yes, and the project will be saved. Speedgrade will launch (if it isn’t already open). Note: If you’re already working on a project in Speedgrade, you must save it first before the new project can open dynamically. The project will close in Premiere Pro. It doesn’t work like Premiere Pro and After Effects yet. read more...

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