The Benefits of using field monitors to enhance your production quality

338-F21-Field-monitor-bg-secondary-1One of the must have accessories for DSLR shooters and HD videographers is a field monitor. With a field monitor you can get a color accurate look at how your video will appear on your audiences HD television or computer screen. Videoguys offers you a wide variet of field monitors to meet your needs and budget.
Videomaker by Brad Watanabe Deciding on new camera gear is always tough. This article discusses the benefits of using a field monitor to enhance the production quality of your videos and helps you focus on which product is right for you.
Video and film production is a craft of many skills. We are required to create stories, evoke emotions and capture details through picture and sound. To do so well, we need to shape light, compose images, record audio, scout locations, and select and prepare talent amongst dozens of tasks unseen to the viewer. Whether we operate as a crew of one or one hundred, we always have the same basic responsibility: to record beautiful picture and excellent sound. This author’s small production company bought our first Canon 5D Mark II in 2010. One of the main reasons we loved the camera was that it was able to shoot at extremely shallow depths of field, allowing us to separate our subject from its background and foreground and give our video that coveted cinematic feel. The 5D Mark II wasn’t designed to shoot video, however, and we quickly experienced some of the pitfalls of using a still-photography camera to capture motion. One of the first challenges we encountered was its tiny, immovable, LCD screen, which made it difficult to achieve focus, confirm color balance, and properly set exposure, thus yielding inconsistent end results. It also lacked the meters and functions of even the most basic prosumer video camera, so we needed to find a workaround that would complement our production style. read more...

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