The Cure for Rolling Shutter?

HDSLR Shooter on PVC by Clint Milby

Adobe’s Ellen Wixted Gives Us The Ins and Outs of CS5.5 Production Premium

One of the highlights of NAB 2011 for me was having an opportunity to sit down with Sr. Product Manager for Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium and Adobe Audition, Ellen Wixted. Ellen took some time out of her busy schedule to visit with us, and tell us why the latest creative suite is the answer to the problem of rolling shutter.

Warp Stabilizer

One of the key things Ellen showed us was the highly impressive Warp Stabilizer effect within Adobe After Effects CS5.5. Essentially Warp Stabilizer is exactly what it sounds like. It stabilizes your footage. Over the years, there have been many programs and plug-ins that have promised to stabilize, but due to the fact they tend to clip the footage leaving a fluctuating black border around the clipped areas, they leave quite a bit to be desired. To use these, you wind up having to increase the size of the file to mask this clipping effect.

The Warp Stabilizer doesn’t work this way. It actually goes through and analyzes the footage, and instead of choosing one anchor point resulting in clipping off the ends, it truly stabilizes the footage from all points. The nice thing about this effect is that since it’s through After Effects, it’s operating from the CPU and therefore doesn’t affect any work you may be doing using the GPU. This allows you to continue unabated editing in Premiere. For those of us who like to pick up the camera and run, this is an absolute godsend to straighten out those little jiggles and bumps that seem to come up even for the steadiest of hands. read more and watch the video...

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