Top 8 Reasons why the Atomos Ninja V is a must have for Filmmakers

Pav SZ creates a high volume of content revolving around film making, and the latest and greatest technologies in the area. One of their recent videos covers the Atomos Ninja V and why it’s a perfect tool for film makers. In fact, the video delves into the top eight reasons the Atomos Ninja V is a valuable tool for any film set.

The Ninja V is a five inch monitor/recorder that is perfect for a wide variety of production workflows. A large variety of file formats are also supported up to 6K in ProRes.

Check out the Video Below:

The list of reasons to love the Ninja V can be found below:

  • Tough Screen
  • Apple ProRes Recording Format
  • 1000nits of brightness
  • No Record Time limits
  • Custom LUTs
  • Focus & Exposure Tools
  • Audio Pre-amps
  • Future Proof

"If you think about investing your money into Atomos Ninja V, then in this video I give you 8 reasons and reassurances why it is a must have tool if you are a film maker and why I use it on daily basis."
Pav SZ

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about Atomos HERE.

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