Under the Hood with Vegas: Understanding Preferences

DMN by Mike Jones All good editing systems have a surprising level of flexibility that often goes unpublished As with all software editing systems, Vegas has a large array of adjustable and selectable preferences that control the way the application behaves and functions. Many of these can be left alone from installation and really don't need to be changed. However there are a number of preferences that can be adjusted to improve the performance of Vegas or to better suit the way you wish to work, the type of material you work with or the type of computer system you are running on. This guide will step you through the more important settings you can adjust in Vegas. The Vegas preferences are accessed in the usual way by selecting the 'Options' drop down menu and then 'Preferences.' A window will open presenting a series of tabbed pages that house preferences for different aspect of Vegas. General Tab The first tabbed page is the General preferences and most of these are tick box selections to activate or deactivate the preference. Many options here can remain unchanged but the important elements you may wish to alter are: -Automatically save trimmer markers and regions with media file This setting will ensure than any markers and regions set in the Trimmer window are attached and embedded to the video clip and thus available with that clip in any other projects and between editing sessions. Read more...

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