Videoguys NAB Las Vegas Show 2024 Recap

On this Videoguys Live, Gary talks about everything he saw at NAB Las Vegas Show 2024 this year and showing off all the new products, innovation, and updates from all our partners. Learn what's new from BirdDog, Atomos, YoloLiv, Panasonic, JVC, Epiphan, Vizrt, and MORE...

Watch the full video below:


Atomos introduced two new products:

Ninja your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max into a 1600nit, 10-bit, 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 460ppi, HDR OLED, ProRes monitor-recorder for any pro HDMI camera

The world’s first sun spectrum, HDR, waterproof, wireless DMX, 2000 lumen 5-color LED, mount-anywhere, lightweight flexible production and cinema strip light

Atomos announced new Cloud features which are available for all their connect products​


BirdDog announced the start of their new product line with 3 new models of cameras shipping later this month


VIZRT announces 2 new cameras,​ Viz Connect and expanded production capabilities for live events with TriCaster and Libero for Sports

  • PTZ3 Plus
  • PTZ3 UHD Plus
  • VIZ Connect Tetra

Vizrt PTZ3 Plus and PTZ3 Plus UHD

  • Support for wider range of microphones
  • PTZ3 PLUS: 20x zoom with 1080p60 resolution
  • PTZ3 PLUS UHD: 30x zoom with 4Kp60 resolution
  • Presenter AI Auto-Tracking​
  • Live Embedded Tracking Data: Utilizes FreeD-over-NDI|HX for seamless integration

Viz Connect Tetra
Brand-new 4-channel addition to the family of connect products

  • NDI and HTML to 3G or 12G SDI
  • 3G or 12G SDI to NDI. 
  • Contains built-in NDI Bridge to send NDI HX to an NDI Bridge Host


Kiloview announces they are ready for NDI 6 with the Kiloview N50 and N60 Encoder/Decoders


PTZOptics announces new camera management system – Hive studio and a $500 Instant rebate on PTZOptics Link 4K Cameras

  • Hive Studio
  • Link 4K Instant rebate


YoloLiv introduces everyone to the new AlphaCam Wireless NDI cameras that pair perfectly with the YoloBox Ultra

  • YoloBox Ultra
  • AlphaCam


  • Mirrorless 4K60 image
  • 4/3″ Sony IMX Sensor
  • Instant AutoFocus
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Dual Native ISO
  • Interchangeable Micro 4/3 Lenses
  • NDI/SRT Wirelss Connection
  • Simultaneous HDMI & USBC Out
  • Seamless Integration with YoloLiv YoloBox Ultra


JVC Introduces brand new 40X PTZ camera – the KY-PZ540

  • 4K 60p50p 
  • SRT 
  • RTMPS 
  • HEVC / H.265 
  • 40x Full Resolution HD Zoom
  • Auto Tracking
  • USB UVC Cam
  • NDIHX 3

Panasonic Connect

Panasonic Shows off the production capabilities of Kairos as well as announcing a new PTZ Camera

  • AW-UE30 PTZ


  • Flexible video production system that supports diverse viewing patterns
  • Allows a single team to support all your screens with native aspect ratios and resolutions

AW-UE30 PTZ Camera

  • Up to 4K/30p
  • 24x Optical Zoom
  • Supports NDI|HX version 2 and SRT*1 protocol
  • IT Certifications
  • New Direct Drive System for improved responsiveness and quietness
  • Excellent system flexibility to achieve smart wiring and smooth operation

NETGEAR and Matrox

ST2110 Workflow solutions are available including the ​the new NETGEAR M4350 and Matrox Convert IP


Plays nice with everything
Designed with flexibility in mind, Nexus fits at the center of video workflows, seamlessly integrated with all professional AV environments.


Canon demonstrates the power of the XC IP Control Protocol for not only the PTZ Cameras, but also Canon Camcorders

Advanced Image Robotics

AIR One X now compatible with Sony FX3, Alpha1, Alpha9. Unlock fully remote PTZ capability and support for lenses up to 300mm in length.


LiveU Expands capabilities of the Solo Pro with new​ 4-modem SoloConnect Bundles

  • LiveU Expands IP-video EcoSystem with support for open protocols including SRT, NDI and SMPTE 2110
  • LiveU shows off cellular bonding solutions for live production, sports broadcasts and their new focus on public safety with the LiveU Robot Dog
  • LiveU demonstrated storycentric workflows powered by the LiveU EcoSystem of hardware/software and integration solutions. (and introduced a new member of the LiveU family)

Kit Includes:

  • 4x LU Net 4G
  • 4x Sims U.S. version
  • Includes LiveU Solo PRO Belt Pack
  • 2x Y Cables
  • HDMI Extension Cable
  • HDMI Tension Clip
  • Getting started card

SanDisk Professional

SanDisk Professional announces new drive capacities, as well as demoing off the ProBlade Ecosystem

  • G-DRIVE (24TB) – $699
  • G-DRIVE PROJECT (24TB) - $929
  • G-RAID MIRROR (48TB) - $1,599
  • G-RAID SHUTTLE 4 (96TB) - $4,499
  • G-RAID SHUTTLE 8 (192TB) - $7,499

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