YoloLiv YoloBox - The Swiss Army Knife of Live Production!

On today's webinar, Gary goes over how the YoloLiv YoloBox is the swiss army knife for live production! 

YoloBox is the world's most affordable,​ Easy to Use, ​ All-In-One, Multi-Camera Live Streaming, Encoding, Switching, Recording & Monitoring Solution


  • Touch Screen Live Production

  • Tap to Start Your Full HD Live Stream

  • Cross Platforms Streaming

  • Switch Up to 5 Video Sources Simultaneously 

  • Independent Audio Input/Output

  • Picture in Picture Various Templates

  • Add Custom Graphic Layers

  • Compatible with More Devices

Here is Gary using the YoloBox with 3 cameras! 2 via HDMI and 1 via USB. Also he is bring in a Power Point Presentation via the SD card to create a picture in picture. This can be brought up or lowered with a simple touch of a button. 

In the webinar, Gary shows off the touch screen interface and how easy it is to bring in an overlay. 

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Who can use the YoloBox?

We'd have to list a full book! Here's just a few examples of who could use the YoloBox to help them reach wider audiences.

  • Schools: Remote Teaching
  • Houses of Worship
  • Events: Weddings /Funerals
  • Gyms: Exercise Classes
  • Sports: Indoors & Outside!
  • Zoom / Teams / Google Meets
  • Live Performances
  • Public Meetings
  • Sales training
  • Corporate Communications

Already have a YoloBox?

There are multiple way you can expand the operability of the YoloBox, and Videoguys is here to help!

Learn more about the YoloBox here!

Watch the full webinar here!

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