Avid AudioScore Ultimate 8
Avid AudioScore Ultimate 8


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Avid AudioScore Ultimate 8
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Scan and transcribe music with ease

Add the ultimate music composing secret weapons to your workflow with two powerful software options from Neuratron. Scan printed, handwritten, or PDF music and use pen and tablet to handwrite notation with PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate. And transcribe recorded music or a live MIDI/mic performance into music notation with AudioScore Ultimate.

Save more with a Sibelius + Ultimate bundle—PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate and AudioScore Ultimate are the perfect companions to turn printed, handwritten, recorded, and performed music into notation for Sibelius. And now you can get extra savings when you bundle one or both titles with the world’s best-selling music notation software. Visit the Sibelius Perpetual License, Sibelius Upgrade or Sibelius for Education page to see your bundle options.

PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate—Scan and handwrite music

Quickly and easily transpose, edit, and rearrange songs originating from sheet music, handwritten scores, PDFs, and JPEG files. This handy music recognition software can read scans and files in seconds—with over 99.5% accuracy.

  • Have virtually all notes and markings recognized, including slurs, dynamics, articulation marks, lyrics, guitar tab, chord diagrams, and more

  • Write music on the go with your tablet and stylus, or even using a mouse or trackpad, with NotateMe

  • Once read, you can extract parts, reformat the score, transpose the music, print it, and more

  • Hear your score play back with incredible realism and feel using Espressivo

  • Send scores directly to Sibelius for further editing and arranging

  • Save your work in a variety of formats, including WAV/AIFF, MusicXML, NIFF, MIDI, and more

AudioScore Ultimate—Turn audible music into digital scores

Quickly and easily turn CD tracks, MP3s, MIDI files, and even your own vocal and instrument performances into detailed music notation.

  • Convert up to 16 simultaneous instruments/notes playing at a time into multiple staves, with up to four voices per staff

  • View, edit, and play intricate nuances of a performance, such as the subtle changes in pitch, volume, and timing

  • Produce new versions of the music by changing the MIDI instrumentation

  • Create scores by singing or playing an instrument through a microphone or entering notes with a MIDI device

  • Send transcriptions directly to Sibelius for transposing, editing, and arranging

  • Convert CD tracks, MP3s, and WAV files to MusicXML, NIFF, MIDI, and PhotoScore files

For PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate

  • See the latest system requirements

  • Internet connection required for software download and activation

For AudioScore Ultimate

  • See the latest system requirements

  • Internet connection required for software download and activation

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