Avid Pro Tools Artist Perpetual Electronic Code - NEW
Avid Pro Tools Artist Perpetual Electronic Code - NEW
Avid Pro Tools Artist Perpetual Electronic Code - NEW
Avid Pro Tools Artist Perpetual Electronic Code - NEW

Avid Pro Tools Artist Perpetual Electronic Code - NEW

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Pro Tools makes music creation fast and fluid, providing a complete set of tools to create, record, edit, and mix audio. Get inspired and start making music with a massive collection of plugins, instruments, and sounds. Tackle your most ambitious visions with proven features that power you through the most demanding projects.

Anyone looking to make professional-quality music and beats with easy-to-use creative tools. Get all the tools, instruments, loops, sounds, and effects you need to start making music.

Get everything you need to make beats, write songs, record vocals and instruments, and mix studio-quality music that’s ready to be heard across the world’s most popular streaming platforms. Pro Tools Artist makes music creation fast and fluid, providing many of the same tools the pros use to create your favorite songs and albums.

With a current Pro Tools Artist perpetual license you get access to all the software and plugins below, including Pro Tools | Inner Circle rewards and Pro Tools | Sonic Drop content. Please note that if you allow your plan to expire, you will lose access to many of the plugins below, Celemony Melodyne 5 essential, and new Inner Circle rewards and Sonic Drop content.

Keep pace with any creative process
From idea to final mix, Pro Tools offers seamless end-to-end audio production that covers every stage of the creative process. Start with non-linear Sketches in which can play with loops, MIDI, and recordings, and then move to the timeline to refine arrangements using Pro Tools’ world-class editing and mixing tools.

A common language across audio
Trusted by top professionals and aspiring artists alike, Pro Tools is used on almost every top music release, movie, and TV show. And because the Pro Tools session format is the industry’s universal language, you can take your project to any producer or studio around the world.

The DAW that keeps on giving
Beyond the comprehensive assortment of included plugins, instruments, and sounds, your Pro Tools subscription/license also delivers quarterly feature updates, new plugins, and sound content every month with Inner Circle* rewards and the Sonic Drop to keep you inspired.

Here’s what software, plugins, virtual instruments, and sounds are included with Pro Tools Artist.

Included Software and Rewards

  • Pro Tools Artist
  • Celemony Melodyne 5 essential
  • Pro Tools | Inner Circle rewards
  • Pro Tools | Sonic Drop content
  • Pro Tools Sketch iPad app
  • Avid Control mobile app

Dynamics and EQ

  • BF-2A
  • BF-3A
  • BF-76
  • Channel Strip
  • Dynamics III Compressor/Limiter
  • Dynamics III De-Esser
  • Dynamics III Expander/Gate

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