BirdDog 3x P240 PTZ Cameras (Black) and Skaarhoj PTZ-PRO-V2B PTZ Pro w/Blue Pill Inside

BirdDog 3x P240 PTZ Cameras (Black) and Skaarhoj PTZ-PRO-V2B PTZ Pro w/Blue Pill Inside

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BirdDog P240 PTZ Camera:
Building upon the NDI® PTZ category defining P200, the all new P240 introduces an updated Sony Exmor R broadcast sensor to deliver increased light sensitivity, and best in class image quality and performance. P240 offers three output options including NDI®, SDI, and HDMI for ultimate video flexibility while Balanced XLR audio adds professional audio connections. IP output options include multiple flavours of NDI® including Full NDI®, NDI®|HX2, and HX3, SRT, and h.264, whilst BirdDog Cloud 3.0 integration unlocks globally connected remote productions. Free Auto-Tracking, FreeD output for AR/VR workflows, and additional features comprising an OLED display to show the IP address, 360° mohawk tally, filter thread, safety anchor point, and carry handle make P240 the best choice for live productions. And yes, the cameras support NDI® 5.5 natively.

Skaarhoj PTZ-PRO-V2B PTZ Pro w/Blue Pill Inside
PTZ Pro w/Blue Pill inside is a full featured PTZ controller for robotic cameras. Together with PTZ Fly this is our most popular controller. With dedicated buttons and knobs for all settings and actions, it’s easy and quick to use. You will enjoy all the same benefits as found on PTZ Fly while having a larger hand rest and faster, direct access. This product comes with Blue Pill Inside. Blue Pill Inside means that the hardware of a Blue Pill is moved into your controller instead of combining a stand-alone Blue Pill with a UniSketch panel. The net result is the same, but with some twists: The advantage of Blue Pill Inside is that at the same cost you have everything in one unit - but you can’t enjoy the features from UniSketch anymore.

  • 3x BirdDog P240 PTZ Cameras (Black)
  • 1x Skaarhoj PTZ-PRO-V2B PTZ Pro w/Blue Pill Inside

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