Episode Engine 7 (Mac)

Episode Engine 7 (Mac)

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Multiformat Video Encoding

Episode Engine is intended for transcoding of media material. It will automatically retrieve files from designated sources, transcode them and place the result in output folders for further processing by the next component in your workflow. You can install and run Episode Engine either on a single workstation or in a computing cluster to increase your throughput.

With the Engine Admin graphical interface you set up input monitoring, prioritize sources, and monitor the progress of transcoding.

Episode Engine comes with a large number of predefined transcoding settings. The distribution also includes the client application Episode Encoder, which lets you create new settings for your particular needs.

Minimum hardware configuration

This is the minimum configuration you need to be able to perform encoding at all:

  • Processor 1.33 GHz G5 or any Intel Mac

  • Memory 1 GiB

  • Hard drive 20 GiB, 5400 rpm

Recommended hardware configuration

For the best possible performance we suggest the following configuration for each node:

  • Processor Dual 2.66 GHz G5 or Intel Mac

  • Memory 4 GiB or more is recommended

  • Hard drive 750 GiB, 7200 rpm or more recommended

For a cluster installation you should connect the cluster nodes using Gigabit Ethernet instead of the normal Ethernet 10/100 standard. To do so, you will need a Gigabit Ethernet switch, otherwise the speed of your cluster will be limited by the 10/100 standard Ethernet switch.

Software requirements

Episode Engine 5.3.1 requires Mac OS X, version 10.4 or later, and Quick-Time™, version 7 or later. QuickTime adds support for various input formats.

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