NewTek TriCaster 860
NewTek TriCaster 860
NewTek TriCaster 860
NewTek TriCaster 860

NewTek TriCaster 860

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Videoguys Part # (SKU): TC860KIT
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Create more shows for a bigger audience with programs that make a bigger impact.

Create more shows for a bigger audience with programs that make a bigger impact. All at once, TriCaster 860 lets you deliver content where your viewers watch broadcast on TV, streamed live online, and projected on the big screen even posted in real time on social media sites where they can share the experience with others. Gear up your productions without adding more gear.

With TriCaster 860, you have a complete, media production solution for delivering bigger, more creative live productions. Produce more with the content you capture?more video, text, graphics, animations and virtual sets. Don't just keep up with ever-changing media strategies invent your own. Create the attention-getting content that stands out from the crowd, and use that same content to discover fresh new streams of revenue opportunities.

Adapt to your growing program needs with incredibly flexible control, sophisticated automation, and 8 M/E submix potential. Fly solo with the optional hardware control surface or assemble a team to crew a studio full of supported third-party audio, MIDI, and robotic camera devices.

Multi-Track ISO Source Recording
Isolate the recording of multiple input and output sources with IsoCorder technology, including embedded timecode and four audio tracks; save racks and racks of space and resources that are typically allocated for capture, and post-production workflows

Media Publishing
Instantly publish content to popular social media sites; upload to FTP sites, or transfer to storage volumes and network locations; share clips and stills during production, or upload your entire show within minutes after production wraps

Streamline sophisticated operation sequences that are too complex for real-time action with custom memory presets and key commands; extend control behind the scenes and in front of the camera with MIDI support and interactive Hot Spots; and add robotic PTZ cameras that you can control remotely without the need for additional staff

Holographic Live Virtual Sets
Create custom, photorealistic virtual environments from panoramic images using a smartphone, point-and-shoot, or DSLR camera, with support for 3D positioning of sources and live virtual camera movements (requires Virtual Set Editor 2.5, sold separately)

Multi-Channel Audio Mixer
Deliver pristine sound with adjustable audio for all sources, plus 4 fully independent stereo output mixes; robust audio follow video and routing configuration; touchscreen and tactile remote control via the iPad audio app and native support for Avid? Artist Mix audio control surfaces

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