OWC Jupiter Mini Five-Bay Desktop NAS 100TB

OWC Jupiter Mini Five-Bay Desktop NAS 100TB

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Jupiter Mini
Your time is better spent working with your team, not troubleshooting shared storage. The OWC Jupiter Mini is the reliable desktop-sized NAS powerhouse for file sharing in small business, education, research, and creative media. Jupiter Mini is easy-to use without an IT person, becoming a time and money-saving enterprise grade storage solution that includes professional support.

  • Up to 100TB of internal raw storage
  • Up to 50+ connected users
  • Quiet 5-bay desktop design
  • Dual 10GbE + Dual 1GbE built-in
  • Reliable and automatic data integrity
  • Easy-to-use #1 Enterprise NAS OS


The Desktop NAS Built for Small Business and Workgroups

  • Reliable Data Integrity: Modern Enterprise file system that automatically creates redundant copies of your data to ensure your files are readily available, even in the case of drive failure.
  • Mac and PC Compatible: Jupiter Mini seamlessly connects to your users on MacOS, Windows, Linux, UNIX, iOS, and Android.
  • Performance to Scale: Intel® Xeon® processor, 32GB of ECC RAM, and enterprise-grade hard drives ensure maximum uptime without errors during demanding tasks — every Jupiter Mini passes a rigorous certification process to ensure out-of-box performance.
  • Set and Forget: Preloaded TrueNAS SCALE is the world’s #1 open-source NAS OS that is easy-to-use and performs automatic checks of your data integrity without manual oversight from your team.
  • Fully supported: Included three-year warranty, can be extended to five years, and includes software and workflow support as well as one source for hardware warranty assistance.


Simple. Powerful. Complete.
With five drive bays, 2 x 10Gb + 2 x 1Gb Ethernet ports, and included support, OWC Jupiter Mini is the perfect desktop-sized NAS for a secure and centralized powerhouse for file sharing in small business, remote work, education, research and creative content. For more than three decades, the OWC name has been synonymous with high-performance storage solutions. We’ve been the trusted brand that SMBs, educators, and content creators have turned to for help managing their digital assets.

OWC Jupiter Mini continues our commitment to putting the control of data into your hands in a unique desktop Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution. Now your business can share files without needing the space a traditional NAS device requires or without needing to invest in costly rack mounted gear. You also won’t have to source components from different vendors or pay exorbitant support fees. Jupiter Mini is a time and money-saving one-source enterprise grade storage solution backed by an unmatched level of pre- and post-sale support that OWC’s reputation has been built upon.


Faster Networking, Instant Access
Jupiter Mini’s 2X 10GbE and 2X 1GbE Ethernet ports enable ultra-fast access to files across your team. You can connect users directly to the Mini’s Ethernet ports, add a switch for supporting larger workgroups or a wireless access point to enable wireless access

The Jupiter Mini also includes networking features usually exclusive to Enterprise environments. The Ethernet ports can use subnets to act as virtual fences that separate different parts of your network (each subnet can have its own security measures). Or you can opt to combine the speeds of the ports on the Jupiter Mini with port bonding, providing a single high-bandwidth connection.


Network Subnetting
Subnetting improves network efficiency. Each subnet operates as an independent network with its own range of addresses, allowing more efficient routing and enhancing security by limiting broadcast traffic and controlling access between subnets.


Imagine a highway with multiple lanes merged into one. Similarly, bonding network ports combines their bandwidth into a single virtual port. This aggregated connection increases the overall network capacity and enables faster data transfer rates.


Easy-To-Use, Even Without IT
Your time is better spent running your business, not troubleshooting your shared storage. Luckily, we built Jupiter Mini to operate with minimal oversight that doesn’t require 20-year IT background. After a quick initial setup, Jupiter Mini operates in the background with no babysitting by you.

Jupiter Mini is pre-loaded with TrueNAS, the #1 open-source NAS OS that automatically protects and mirrors your data. TrueNAS is open source, meaning that it constantly receives security patches, feature updates, and has been refined to be as easy-to-use as possible. The TrueNAS dashboard can be accessed from any user’s MacOS, Windows, Linux, UNIX, iOS, and Android device.

Jupiter Mini comes pre-configured out of the box by our team to strike a balance between performance, storage pool space, and data redundancy. However, you can also tailor Jupiter Mini to your specific use-case with just a few clicks.

Remote Access Ready
Jupiter Mini allows your teams in-office and remote to access your files from anywhere in the world. Jupiter Mini is prepared for remote sharing with when combined with services such as OpenVPN, ZeroTier, or port-forwarding on your corporate firewall.


Sync with the Cloud
Backup and transfer files to your Dropbox, Google Cloud, Microsoft OneDrive, and other cloud services with built-in cloud sync on the Jupiter Mini.


Data that is Shared, and Protected
Storing files amongst scattered, standalone hard drives risks data becoming lost, corrupted, and wastes valuable time searching. We take the integrity of your data seriously. Jupiter Mini utilizes an Enterprise-grade file system called ZFS RAID. ZFS RAID is a modern file system that goes beyond typical storage redundancy. ZFS routinely collects data on your hard drive status, records snapshots, and has built-in parity protection. Even in the case of a drive failure, ZFS keeps your file data available. Upon replacement of the failed drive, the system will repopulate the data that was on the original failed drive keeping your data available and your operation running smoothly.


Despite being packed with Enterprise-grade hardware and software, Jupiter Mini operates quietly in a compact design that fits on any Desktop work environment.


Single Source Support Tested + Ready to Work
We understand having confidence in gear reliability is paramount to professionals. That’s why every Jupiter Mini solution goes through an intensive performance certification prior to shipping. This ensures your Jupiter Mini arrives operating properly and immediately ready for demanding use.

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