Panasonic WX-SR202 Wireless Receiver

Panasonic WX-SR202 Wireless Receiver

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Panasonic WX-SR202 Wireless Receiver

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The core of Panasonic's SR200P 1.9 GHz Digital Wireless Microphone system, the WX-SR202 digital wireless receiver supports two wireless microphone channels (choose between Panasonic’s WX-ST200 handheld mics and/or WX-ST400 lavalier mic + wireless bodypacks).  Perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, museums, or even bars/ restaurants, the WX-SR202 features RJ45 connections (for CAT5 / CAT5e / CAT6 cables) for up to eight (8) external antennas (WX-SA250) and an ethernet network connection for easy integration with third party control systems such as Crestron, Extron, and others. LEDs on the front panel show the system status during start up & microphone pairing, antenna status during operation, and an LED indicator of when the receiver is being controlled remotely. Secure europlug connectors for channel output, external audio input and mix output provide peace of mind that they will not detach easily in any type of installation. Multiple WX-SR202’s can be installed to support up to 8 microphone channels in a single room. Ships with rack ears for easy rack mount installation.    Leveraging Panasonic's 20-year experience in DECT wireless audio communications, the WX-SR200P 1.9 GHz digital wireless microphone system is the best-in-class solution for classroom or corporate presentations providing low latency for hybrid in-room/virtual presentations.  Panasonic's digital wireless microphone system is easy to set up, easy to integrate with third-party control systems (such as Crestron, Extron, & Q-SYS) and easy to use.  Setup is a breeze - the WX-SR202 digital wireless receiver easily pairs with Panasonics WX-ST200 and WX-ST400 microphones and assigns channels automatically, eliminating the need for manual channel assignment. The system can be expandable to suit a variety of spaces, from small classrooms, medium sized classrooms / conference rooms, to large auditoriums. Up to 8 separate antennas (per receiver) can be mounted to the wall or the ceiling in the room and connected via CAT5 back to the receiver locked away in a cabinet or closet and multiple 2-channel receivers can be installed to add wireless microphone channels to the room.

  • Two channel digital wireless receiver
  • Easy to set up - No need for planning / allocation of channels; Secure pairing with Panasonic microphones
  • Supports nearly any room size, up to 8 antennas can be connected, external audio input and mixing with mic channels
  • Ethernet networking enables additional configuration from Panasonic settings software and easy integration with 3rd party control systems (Crestron, Extron & Q-SYS modules available).
  • Rack mountable (1u high, rack ears included)

Wireless Frequency  

  • 1920 MHz to 1930 MHz receiver
Channel Output Circuits    
  • 2
Channel Output Connectors    
  • euroblock
Channel Output Characteristics    
  • -10 dBV balanced 600 Ohms
Channel Output Signal to Noise Ratio    
  • 70 dB or greater
Channel Output Frequency Response    
  • 50 Hz to 15 kHz
Channel Output Distortion    
  • less than  3%
Audio Input Characteristics  
  •  -10 dBV balanced 600 Ohms
Audio Input Frequency Response    
  • 50 Hz to 15 kHz
Audio Input Distortion    
  • less than  3%
Mix Output Connectors    
  • euroblock
Mix Output Characteristics    
  • -10 dBV balanced 600 Ohms
Mix Output Signal to Noise Ratio  
  •  64 dB or greater
Mix Output Frequency Response    
  • 50 Hz to 15 kHz
Mix Output Distortion  
  •  less than  3%
Antenna Connectors    
  • 8 x RJ45
    (compatible cables: CAT5 / CAT5e / CAT6 straight)
  • wiring distance up to 656 feet (200m)
Accessories (included)  
  • rack ears
  • 3 Years
Power consumption    
  • 39 Watts
Power source    
  • AC 120 V 60 Hz
Operating Ambient Temperature    
  • 30 deg. F to 113 deg. F (0 deg. C to 45 deg C)
  • 6.17 lbs (2.8 kg)
Dimension (W x D x H )    
  • 16-17/32 in W x 9-27/32 in H x 1-47/64 in D (420mm W x 250mm D x 44mm H)
Antenna Field Selection    
  • 4 selectable range settings (selectable via dip switches on front panel or using the Panasonic Operations Support software)

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