Pioneer BDR-2213 Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer with BDXL™ and M-DISC™ Format

Pioneer BDR-2213 Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer with BDXL™ and M-DISC™ Format

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Pioneer BDR-2213 Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer with BDXL™ and M-DISC™ Format

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Utilizing proprietary Pioneer technology to achieve both high reliability and up to 16x BD-R writing speed Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer with BDXL™ and M-DISC™ Format. CyberLink® Software available for download free of charge
  • Up to 16x1 maximum write speed on BD-R media
  • PureRead 3+
  • Up to 6x writing on M-DISC(BD) SL and M-DISC(DVD)
  • Unique honeycomb construction and cooling structure
  • Windows® 11 Compatible
  • Windows Software, CyberLink Media Suite 10 is included (available for download free of charge)
BDR-2213 has achieved further evolution of fundamental performance in addition to improving writing speed and accuracy. This is the culmination of years of refinements in ease of use, reliability and stability for the long-loved Pioneer BD Drive. BDR-2213 also has performance features such as the Custom Eco function available through the Pioneer BDR-2213 Drive Utility. Custom Eco helps reduce the device's power consumption. Pioneer's excellence in optical disc technology delivers quiet operation, high reliability and superior quality. As to software, CyberLink Media Suite 10 for Windows OS is available for download free of charge.


16x1 BD-R Writing and BDXL™ Support

Up to 16x1 writing on BD-R SL discs, 14x on BD-R DL discs, and 8x writing on BD-R TL discs and BDXL support (BD-R XL:Triple Layer 100GB、BD-R XL:Quadruple Layer 128GB、BD-RE XL:Triple Layer 100GB).

A better music experience with PureRead 3+ featuring unique algorithms
When read errors caused by scratches or fingerprints occur when importing (ripping) audio CDs, using this function allows for automatic detection of the disc state, adjustment of the read method using an original algorithm, and then re-reading of the disc. This minimizes error data interpolation.
*Not all discs or all portions of discs may be playable if they are too damaged.

Compatible with high-speed M-DISC writing for long-term data archiving
This product is compatible with M-DISC optical media for archiving, developed by US-based Millenniata Inc. It now also supports 6x writing on M-DISC (BD) SL and M-DISC (DVD).

A front design that combines functionality and a brilliant design
The simple, flat design uses blue LED lighting and a hairline finish that creates a contrasting texture, all while maintaining the quietness and high dust resistance of previous models.

Unique honeycomb construction and cooling structure
This product features a unique honeycomb structure that increases the rigidity of the housing and minimizes unnecessary vibration. It also commutes airflow generated within the housing by the rotation of the disc, circulating it effectively to alleviate the temperature increase in the pickup and disc surface that occurs when the disc is rotated for extended periods or at high speed.

Custom Eco function helps reduce the drive's power consumption
If the drive does not receive any commands (instructions for operation) from the PC for a specified period, this function will reduce the drive’s power consumption, such as by stopping the disc from rotating or reducing the disc rotation speed. Shortening this specified period will make the drive enter the power saving mode earlier.

Equipped with Pioneer’s Optimal Write Strategy Prediction Algorithm, which provides stable writing even on discs without write strategy
The drive automatically predicts the optimal write strategy even on discs without write strategy, which is then used for writing. The function provides stable writing.

Disc Resonance Stabilizer improves writing accuracy
Disc Resonance Stabilizer utilizes airflow from disc rotation to reduce disc vibration and increase writing accuracy. High speed disc rotation causes disc warping due to resonant vibration. This results in unstable writing quality, especially in the outer areas. The Disc Resonance Stabilizer, designed projection on the top chassis, reduces such errors. By narrowing the interspace between the disc and the top panel, the air flow caused by the high rotation presses and prevents the disc from warping, thereby reducing reading and writing errors. With this feature, stable operation is maintained by handling the three patterns of disc resonant vibration that occur during operation.

Easy Setting function with Drive Utility
Equipped with an Easy Setting function to allow you to set one of four modes according to the intended use.

・Entertainment Mode is suitable for enjoying movies and music. It enhances quietness when playing back BD/DVD or music CDs.
・High-performance Mode, which emphasizes reading and writing speed
・Quality Mode, which emphasizes reading and writing quality
・Eco Mode, which reduces maximum power consumption
*This function can be used if the Drive Utility is downloaded and installed.

PowerRead™ allows smooth playback of dirty or scratched BD/DVD discs. Scratches, fingerprints and other abnormalities on the surface of a disc can sometimes cause Blu-ray and DVD movie playback to stop. When a PowerRead enabled drive is unable to read through obstructed areas of a disc, it will attempt to move forward quickly to the next available data point, resulting in smoother Blu-ray and DVD movie playback.
*PowerRead is not guaranteed to work with all disc conditions or under all PC environments.
*PowerRead function requires compatible BD/DVD player software (i.e. PowerDVD).

Peak Power Reducer
This power saving mode enables the drive to suppress power consumption at peak operation. It keeps stable operation in case of drop in power supply.

Improved belt for more stable tray loading operation
The belt used for the tray loading part has been improved to reduce the effect of dust and dirt on the tray loading operation. In our test, resistance to the impact of dust and dirt on tray loading is about 1.8 times that of the previous model.


Owner's manual (including application product key and warranty information)

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