Pioneer BDR-S13U-X Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer

Pioneer BDR-S13U-X Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer

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Pioneer BDR-S13U-X Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer

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Premium model for computer videophiles Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer with PureRead 4+ , RealTime PureRead and M-DISC™ Support Equipped with an audio CD playback quality checking function. All-black housing with vibration and noise reduction coating

  • The latest version of PureRead 4+ and RealTime PureRead
  • Audio CD checking function
  • Up to 6x writing on M-DISC(BD) SL and M-DISC(DVD)
  • CyberLink PowerDirector® 19 for video editing and BD/DVD authoring (available for download free of charge)
  • High-quality front design
  • Windows® 11 Compatible
  • Up to 16x1 maximum write speed on BD-R media
BDR-S13U-X is a premium computer drive that has further evolved. Ideal for recording and playback of audio and video content.The audio CD playback quality checking function is an exclusive feature for the BDR-S13U-X. BDR-S13U-X also has performance features such as the Custom Eco function available through the Pioneer BDR-S13U-X Drive Utility. Custom Eco helps reduce the device's power consumption. Pioneer's excellence in optical disc technology delivers quiet operation, high reliability and superior quality. As to software, CyberLink Media Suite 10 for Windows OS is available for download free of charge. PowerDirector 19 allows you to import, edit and author your home movies.


Equipped with an audio CD playback quality checking function
This product is equipped with an audio CD checking function that checks the playback quality of the audio CD being played and displays it at one of four levels (A to D). If the quality level is poor (C or D), the function displays methods for dealing with the issues, including changing the unit settings. You can choose from Full Mode, which checks all data for selected song, and Quick Mode, which checks data in a short period of time.

The latest version of PureRead 4+ and RealTime PureRead
When read errors caused by scratches or fingerprints occur when importing (ripping) audio CDs, using this function allows for automatic detection of the disc state, adjustment of the read method using an original algorithm, and then re-reading of the disc. This minimizes error data interpolation. The algorithm utilized in PureRead 4+ is also used in RealTime PureRead, reducing the incidence of data interpolation in real time and playing back audio CDs with the original sound data.
*Not all discs or all portions of discs may be playable if they are too damaged

Compatible with high-speed M-DISC writing for long-term data archiving
This product is compatible with M-DISC optical media for archiving, developed by US-based Millenniata Inc. It now also supports 6x writing on M-DISC (BD) SL and M-DISC (DVD).

Custom Eco function helps reduce the drive's power consumption
If the drive does not receive any commands (instructions for operation) from the PC for a specified period, this function will reduce the drive’s power consumption, such as by stopping the disc from rotating or reducing the disc rotation speed. Shortening this specified period will make the drive enter the power saving mode earlier.


All-black housing with vibration and noise reduction coating

The dignified all-black exterior and interior of the body, which gives it the presence of a premium model, further enhances the drive’s performance with a special coating to reduce vibration, improve heat dissipation, and help suppress the laser’s diffuse reflection.

Low-noise electrolytic capacitors, low-resistance flat cable, anti-vibration cushions and rubber
This product utilizes new low-noise electrolytic capacitors. Paired with the same low-resistance flat cable as in previous models, the result is further improvement in conduction performance and reduction of noise in recording and playback signals. Additionally, anti-vibration cushions and rubber reduce vibration when the disc rotates.

High-quality front design
The simple design of smoked acrylic with a hairline finish from which blue light seems to emerge is accented with copper lines, resulting in a refined appearance appropriate to a premium model.
Copper-plated screws that reduce noise
Using copper-plated screws improves conduction performance and reduces noise during recording and playback.

Copper-plated screws that reduce noise
Using copper-plated screws improves conduction performance and reduces noise during recording and playback.

Unique honeycomb construction and cooling structure
This product features a unique honeycomb structure that increases the rigidity of the housing and minimizes unnecessary vibration. It also commutes airflow generated within the housing by the rotation of the disc, circulating it effectively to alleviate the temperature increase in the pickup and disc surface that occurs when the disc is rotated for extended periods or at high speed.

Noise reduction finish on disc tray
The finish reduces the sound produced when the tray opens and closes while also reducing vibration of the tray itself.

Disc Resonance Stabilizer improves writing accuracy
Disc Resonance Stabilizer utilizes airflow from disc rotation to reduce disc vibration and increase writing accuracy. High speed disc rotation causes disc warping due to resonant vibration. This results in unstable writing quality, especially in the outer areas. The Disc Resonance Stabilizer, designed projection on the top chassis, reduces such errors. By narrowing the interspace between the disc and the top panel, the air flow caused by the high rotation presses and prevents the disc from warping, thereby reducing reading and writing errors. With this feature, stable operation is maintained by handling the three patterns of disc resonant vibration that occur during operation.

High-performance sound dampening, dust resisting, and heat dissipating mechanisms
This product is built with Pioneer’s own honeycomb pattern, used in audio component products and the silence tray. Noise is reduced by controlling the air currents created by the spinning disc. This also controls local temperature rises in the pick-up and disc surface that occur during high-speed or extended disc rotation.

Improved belt for more stable tray loading operation
The belt used for the tray loading part has been improved to reduce the effect of dust and dirt on the tray loading operation. In our test, resistance to the impact of dust and dirt on tray loading is about 1.8 times that of the previous model.


16x1 BD-R Writing and BDXL™ Support

Up to 16x1 writing on BD-R SL discs, 14x on BD-R DL discs, and 8x writing on BD-R TL discs and BDXL support (BD-R XL:Triple Layer 100GB、BD-R XL:Quadruple Layer 128GB、BD-RE XL:Triple Layer 100GB).

Equipped with Pioneer’s Optimal Write Strategy Prediction Algorithm, which provides stable writing even on discs without write strategy
The drive automatically predicts the optimal write strategy even on discs without write strategy, which is then used for writing. The function provides stable writing.

Easy Setting function with Drive Utility
Equipped with an Easy Setting function to allow you to set one of four modes according to the intended use.
  • ・Entertainment Mode is suitable for enjoying movies and music. It enhances quietness and makes the tray open quietly when playing back BD/DVD or music CDs.
  • ・High-performance Mode, which emphasizes reading and writing speed
  • ・Quality Mode, which emphasizes reading and writing quality
  • ・Eco Mode, which reduces maximum power consumption
  • *This function can be used if the Drive Utility is downloaded and installed.
Peak Power Reducer
This power saving mode enables the drive to suppress power consumption at peak operation. It keeps stable operation in case of drop in power supply.

Ultra HD Blu-ray compatible, with playback software included
Ultra HD Blu-ray offers 4K resolution as well as richer color tones, for more realistic images.
*Playback of Ultra HD Blu-ray requires a CPU that supports Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) technology. Intel SGX has been removed from Intel 11th generation and newer CPUs, and support for SGX may be removed on new versions of Intel drivers or utility programs such as Intel SGX and Intel Management Engine drivers and firmware in the future. Such changes could cause these platforms to lose support for Ultra HD Blu-ray movie disc playback.
For information on other PC environment requirements, download the Ultra HD Blu-ray Advisor Tool to your PC, and check.

Drives Dimensions
148 mm(W)×42.3 mm(H)×181 mm(D) / 5-13/16 in.(W)×1-21/32 in.(H)×7-1/8 in.(D)

Please confirm the dimensions of the insertion slot in the PC before purchasing.

The dimensions of the insertion slot in the PC may not match standard tray panel dimensions (5-47/64 in. x 29/32 in. x 5/64 in.), meaning that installing this drive may not be possible.

Region codes
The region code for the drive can be set only five times (including the initial setting). The region code selected with the fifth setting will be locked as the final region code. Accordingly, take care when changing this code. DVD discs that do not have a region code set can be played on players with any region code setting.

Ultra HD Blu-ray compatible: Yes
M-DISC compatible: Yes
CD-DA(audio CD)playback quality checking function: Yes
PureRead 4+: Yes
Custom Eco function: Yes
Display disc information: Yes
Easy Setting: Yes
Dust-resisting and sound-dampening front bezel: Yes
Honeycomb structure: Yes
High-quality loading mechanism and noise reduction finish: Yes
All-black housing with special coating to reduce vibration, improve heat dissipation: Yes
Low-noise electrolytic capacitors: Yes
Low-resistance flat cable: Yes
Anti-vibration cushions and rubber: Yes
Copper-plated screws: Yes
Pioneer BD Drive Utility: Yes
Dust-resisting and sound-dampening mechanism: Yes
BDXL compatible: Yes
Optimum Writing Speed Feature: Yes *This function emphasizes writing accuracy by automatically selecting the optimum writing speed for various BD-R media
Optimal Write Strategy Prediction Algorithm: Yes
Disc Record Surface Quality Mode: Yes *This mode reduces the apparent color unevenness of the disc after writing.
DVD-R CLV fixed writing mode: Yes *When writing a DVD-R, the writing method is fixed to CLV. This mode reduces the apparent color unevenness of the disc while maintaining the writing accuracy

Owner's manual (including application product key and warranty information)


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