PTZOptics Rocosoft PTZJoy Studio - Serial Port PTZ Camera Controller for PC
PTZOptics Rocosoft PTZJoy Studio - Serial Port PTZ Camera Controller for PCPTZOptics Rocosoft PTZJoy Studio - Serial Port PTZ Camera Controller for PCPTZOptics Rocosoft PTZJoy Studio - Serial Port PTZ Camera Controller for PCPTZOptics Rocosoft PTZJoy Studio - Serial Port PTZ Camera Controller for PC


Unfortunately this product has been discontinued but I'm sure we had a new and better option.   Search above or contact us via email or chat.  

All PTZJoy Pro features, plus: 255 External Presets, 24 Preset Visulets, 8 Camera Visulets, 4Cam Direct Control Panel, 90 User Profiles, Event Scheduler, Task Manager, Camera Trace Player
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Top features:

  • WebRemote – Use on any computer or smartphone and control remotely

  • 24 Preset Visualets – Customizable specific angle graphic to show preset location

  • Macro support

  • Universal Serial port integrates with Sony, Canon, and Pelco protocol

  • Advanced SONY VISCA commands using RS-232/USB adapter

  • Wired or wireless USB joystick compatibility

  • Use with Windows PC (XP & up)

  • Set up to 255 internal & 255 external camera presets

  • 8 Camera Visualets – Customizable wide-shot graphic to show camera location

  • Control up to 28 cameras from one PC

  • Free trial available upon request

  • Keyboard Controls

  • PresetVisualizer – Live video or static graphic visual layout of your camera presets

  • 4Cam – Control up to 4 cameras simultaneously

The Interface:

PTZ Control
The Rocosoft Studio control software for PC uses universal serial port control, making this the go-to software for all your camera control needs. Simply connect your camera to your computer with the necessary adapter and the software will automatically set up your COM ports. From there just choose your camera and begin controlling. There are many different ways you can now control your camera(s), such as the virtual joystick, a wired or wireless USB joystick, the PTZPad, hotkeys on your keyboard, or the WebRemote. The PTZ speed can be adjusted for slower or faster movement of the camera. From this section you can also adjust the focus. Choose between automatic focus, or manual focus and adjust accordingly.

When calling presets it can become cumbersome to have to remember all of your presets, especially if you have a lot. You can set up to 255 internal camera presets & 255 external presets, making your options practically limitless. The first 24 presets have the option to have a custom graphic to keep everything running smoothly. These graphics can be any .jpg type image, but we suggest using the Snip button that will take a snapshot from the camera and crop it to size for the Preset Visualet.

When using this software you can daisy chain up to 27 cameras, giving you a whopping 28 camera control solution. Just like the Preset Visualets, there are Camera Visualets that give you the option to name and change graphics for the first 8 cameras connected. The Visualets are one of the most important features in the software because they save users time and makes for a more user friendly environment.

From here users can change exposure settings, change software settings, manage COM ports, change to slow or soft mode, take snapshots, toggle to X Joystick (pan only), and toggle the VisualPad. You can very easily swap between interfaces using the Tools button. The software features Touch screen device support, giving you the option to use a touch screen monitor and flawlessly control the camera(s). You can access the camera’s OSD menu (if available) through the software and change any settings necessary.

Preset Visualizer
As you can see, the Preset Visualizer is a highly effective way to precisely swap to the correct preset. Simply double click the box or custom graphic and you’ll quickly jump to that position. You have the ability to swap out the numbered boxes for actual user photos or specific objects of interest. When using the Preset Visualizer, you don’t have to memorize each preset. This saves time and makes for a more user friendly environment. When swapping cameras the Preset Visualizer will update to the new Visualizer if you have one set. With the Studio version you can set up to 90 User Profiles with their own unique Visualizer & Visualets.

The WebRemote gives you the ability to control your camera(s) from anywhere in the world. Simply turn on the WebRemote feature, and make an external IP address within the range of your network. After both of these steps are accomplished you go to that external IP address and begin pan, tilt, and zooming the camera(s). You can control the camera(s) using any browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. You can also send control from iPhones or iPads, Windows phone and tablets, Google phone and tablets, or Android phone and tablets.

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