Vizrt PTZ3 UHD PLUS 30x PTZ Camera(Black)
Vizrt PTZ3 UHD PLUS 30x PTZ Camera(Black)
Vizrt PTZ3 UHD PLUS 30x PTZ Camera(Black)
Vizrt PTZ3 UHD PLUS 30x PTZ Camera(Black)
Vizrt PTZ3 UHD PLUS 30x PTZ Camera(Black)
Vizrt PTZ3 UHD PLUS 30x PTZ Camera(Black)
Vizrt PTZ3 UHD PLUS 30x PTZ Camera(Black)

Vizrt PTZ3 UHD PLUS 30x PTZ Camera(Black)

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Connect, capture, and create beautiful live productions and presentations with two PTZ cameras built for BroadcastAV

Offering exceptional HD or UHD picture quality, 20-30x optical zoom, great low-light performance, and phantom-powered audio, the PTZ3 PLUS and PTZ3 UHD PLUS cameras combine quality hardware with intelligent production-enhancing features, including AI presenter tracking and the world’s first FreeD tracking data embedded via NDI|HX. All in a sleek, discrete body that blends into any space.

Whether you’re live streaming, producing a corporate town hall, capturing live events, or anything else that demands high quality audio and video, PTZ3 PLUS cameras have you covered. NDI connectivity means the camera simply appears on your network for easy setup, and configuration of augmented reality/virtual reality solutions like Viz Virtual Studio Go is now easier than ever with FreeD tracking data embedded in every frame over NDI|HX. You’ll be making broadcast-quality productions in no time!

Choose your resolution, zoom, and color
The PTZ3 PLUS and PTZ3 UHD PLUS cameras are available in black and white colorways and both provide the same software functionality. Your choice simply comes down to the resolution, zoom, and color that you need.


  • Cover all bases with NDI® at its core, 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs, and RS232 control. Simplify setups with a single ethernet cable providing NDI® audio and video plus PTZ control, tally, power, and the world’s first FreeD-over-NDI|HX.


  • Vizrt PTZ cameras simply appear on the network and can immediately be built into any workflow with ease, while native NDI®|HX3 compatibility delivers broadcast quality video with super low latency – using a fraction of the bandwidth of full NDI.


  • Combined with Viz Connect Tetra’s NDI Bridge functionality, PTZ3 PLUS cameras can be deployed anywhere in the world and automatically connect to your network for the simplest remote setups.



  • Capture presentations and live productions in crystal clear clarity with HD or UHD 4K resolutions, with wide aperture lenses, large sensors, and optical low pass filters giving excellent low light performance and depth of field control.


  • Intelligently track presenters automatically with AI presenter tracking, so talent is always in shot and exactly where you want them to be, with multiple subject framing choices and aspect ratios to choose from.


  • Connect to any powered and non-powered audio source with phantom-powered mini XLR input for professional audio capture with microphones, mixers, amplifiers, and soundboards.



  • Create content easily by connecting and controlling your PTZ3 PLUS camera to any TriCaster, CaptureCast, Viz Virtual Studio Go, or any other SDI- or NDI-enabled device.


  • Adjust subject tracking using macros on your TriCaster, while silky smooth ease-in and ease-out movements deliver seamless, smooth transitions for a natural, superior-quality production without jittery or stuttering movements.


  • Create exciting audience experiences with easier than ever setup of AR/VR systems like Viz Virtual Studio Go with embedded FreeD camera tracking data over NDI|HX.

Camera Features

AI presenter tracking

Keep talent in shot automatically and eliminate the need for manual camera adjustments with AI presenter tracking, so you can focus on delivering seamless and dynamic presentations and live productions. Initial face detection intelligently tracks presenters even when they face away from the camera, and blackboard detection locks the camera in place during presentations for more enjoyable audience experience. Presenter memory ensures the camera won’t switch even if someone else enters the frame – unless you want it to, with tracked target switching making it easy to quickly switch between presenters.


Professional audio with phantom power to mini XLR

The phantom powered mini XLR port makes it easy to connect any powered or non-powered microphone, audio source, or sound mixer to ingest audio in the same NDI|HX stream, so your productions sound as good as they look. Enjoy wider choice and less setup with the option to power +48v microphones with no amplifier or additional cabling needed. And never worry about accidentally powering non-powered mics with two-step confirmation needed to turn phantom power on.


Embedded FreeD camera positioning metadata over NDI|HX

Unlock new creative possibilities and easily create immersive experiences that captivate your audience with the world’s first PTZ camera offering FreeD-over-NDI support. Embedding the FreeD protocol’s precise camera tracking information – including position, rotation, and lens data – into every frame through NDI|HX further simplifies the setup of AR/VR systems like Viz Virtual Studio Go.

Partnering this with AI presenter tracking and pre-configured lens files, broadcast-quality AR/VR graphics are now within reach of every content creator. All through a single ethernet cable.

Intuitive control at your fingertips

A simple and intuitive software control panel makes it easy to setup, configure, and adjust your PTZ3 PLUS cameras with pinpoint precision. Manage video sources, audio settings including phantom power, AI tracking, and device administration from one panel.

Discrete design

Focus on the picture, not the camera. Vizrt PTZ3 PLUS cameras keep branding to a minimum, without losing their Vizrt personality. Available in black and white variants with branded swappable front IR panels ensure PTZ3 PLUS cameras blend into any production, corporate, medical, or academic environment, whichever way you mount it.


Silky smooth movement

PTZ3 PLUS cameras offer smooth movement between camera presets with fine ease-in and ease-out movements. Ultra quiet motors make it equally at home in quiet and loud environments.

NDI at its best

NDI|HX3 puts you in control, striking the perfect balance of quality and efficiency with zero compromise. NDI|HX3 offers the quality and low latency of full NDI without the heavy bandwidth usage.


With NDI® at its core, the PTZ3 PLUS camera range guarantees the tightest integration with any TriCaster live production system, CaptureCast, Viz Virtual Studio systems, Viz Connect Tetra, and any NDI® workflow – offering professional audio, pristine 1080p60 to 4Kp60, and infinite production possibilities.

All the connections you could possibly need

Simplify your setup and cabling by sending power, control, audio, video, tally, and FreeD camera tracking data through a single ethernet cable.
NDI|HX makes it easy to bring in any video source, while professional line in and XLR audio connectivity with phantom power open up a wide selection of audio input options. Output to 3G-SDI and HDMI and use RS232 for control if required.


The core upgrades from the original PTZ3 cameras to the PTZ3 PLUS cameras are:

  • Make your productions more engaging with automated AI presenter tracking
  • Use a wider choice of powered and non-powered microphones with phantom power to mini XLR
  • Blend the camera into any space with a new design with subtle branding, available in black and white colorways
  • FreeD over NDI®|HX (available via a firmware upgrade for the original PTZ3 range)


Tracking Data

FreeD-over-NDI|HX, FreeD via UDP

Face and Posture Presenter Tracking AI


Presenter Tracking Pan/Tilt Limit

Yes – tracking area limited within top-left and bottom-right boundary

Target Timeout (Return to Home)

0.5s to 10s selectable

Presenter Target Scaling

1/6, 1/8, 1/10, 1/12, 1/16, 1/20

Presenter Target Switching

Yes – left to right selectable

Blackboard Detection

Yes – reduces tracking in front of the presentation area to minimize distractions



Video Output


NDI Codecs

H.264 or HEVC

Bit Rate



Low, Med, High, HX 3 Ultra

NDI Multicast


NDI Discovery Server


Video Formats

2160p: 60, 59.94, 50, 30, 29.97, 25 
1080p: 60, 59.94, 50, 30, 29.97, 25, 24 
720p: 60, 59.94, 50, 30, 29.97, 25



30 x Optical & 2x Digital Zoom


Sony 1/1.8″ 12MP sensor

Shutter Speed

1/30 to 1/10,000 sec

Horizontal Viewing Angle

60°(Far) – 2°(Near)

Focal Length



F1.8 ~ F14

Min. Object Distance

(Tele) 1.5M

Min. Illumination

0.5lux (50 IRE Max AGC, 1/30, F1.8)

Optical low pass filter




Focus Control

Auto or Manual

Iris Control

Auto or Manual

Shutter Control

Auto or Manual



Picture Control

Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness

Noise Reduction






White Balance Modes




Panning Angle

-170° to +170°

Tilting Angle

30° to +90°



Audio Input


Mic Gain/Volume Control


Phantom Power to Mini XLR

Enabled through Web GUI with double confirm




Web-based or NDI® Studio Monitor applications for remote configuration, control, and monitoring.

User Interface

HDMI/SDI OSD operated through IR Remote



Mini XLR to XLR adapter


Wall Mount


Ceiling Mount


Mount Fixings


Remote Control

Included: IR remote for up to 4x cameras



What’s in the box?
Everything you need to get started, right there in the box, including:

  • Reversible L wall mount bracket mount
  • Fixed plate ceiling/shelf mount
  • Mount fixings
  • Remote control (to control up to four cameras)
  • Secondary reversed faceplate for upside-down mounting
  • Power supply with UK, US, EU, and ASIA Power cables
  • Mini XLR to XLR Adapter cable
  • USB C cable and USB to serial cable for firmware updates and recovery

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