10 Creative Cloud Tips for Video Editors

Premiumbeat by Clay Asbury

If you’re a Premiere Pro editor that’s looking to take advantage of the other tools in Adobe’s Creative Cloud then you will definitely want to check out the tips below.

The Creative Cloud monthly membership gives you access to Adobe applications that you may not have previous experience using. Optimize your video production workflow by utilizing these Adobe apps in your post production pipeline – giving you access to more tools and features, while speeding up your video editing work.

1. Adobe Story as a Pre-Production Tool

Adobe Story can be an integral part of any pre-production planning and setup. Some tools you may not be using:

  • Import scripts from other scriptwriting software (Movie Magic, Final Draft, Word) or create shooting scripts inside of Adobe Story.
  • Connect scripts to Premiere Pro using speech analysis (in-depth tutorial on using that feature here).
  • Create pre-production documents like call sheets and shooting schedules
  • Use the mobile version to make changes to your documents and get updates or changes made by your team.

2. Start Bridge at Login/Add to Favorites

You’ll gain some beneficial file organization tools when you start Adobe Bridge during system login. To set this up go into your Bridge Preferences (Preferences > Advanced) and check Start Bridge at Login. read more...

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