10 Noteworthy Final Cut Pro X Related Videos and Posts

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10 Noteworthy Final Cut Pro X Related Videos and Posts – What We Know & What to Expect

In this post we’ll take a look at 10 interesting blog articles and online videos that shed some light into Apple’s highly anticipated video editing application, Final Cut Pro X.

Apple has been primarily silent about the software since it’s public preview at the April 2011 Las Vegas SuperMeet, but several bloggers and industry insiders have since speculated and revealed additional details about FCPX. As we gear up for a formal release (Apple said June 2011), let’s take a look at some of the online resources dishing out the scoop on the application.

UPDATE: MacRumors is reporting that a FCPX formal release will come the week of June 19, 2011. Their intel posits that the Final Cut Pro X release will correspond with the release of Thunderbolt related peripherals as well. read more...

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