10 Things I wish I knew the first time I launched Premiere Pro CS6-Part 1

Post Tips by Clay Asbury

Clay wrote this originally for lafcpug in 2010.

Here is the updated version for Premiere Pro CS6.

1. Change your Scratch Disk.

By default, Scratch Disks follow the Project. (Users/Documents/Adobe/PremierePro)

You do not want to do this. You want to put your media on to a separate drive. Read this for different strategies. http://forums.adobe.com/thread/662972

2. Make Shortcuts for frequently used Workspaces. I use Control + U to reset current layout.

I use Command+number for my favorite layouts. (color correction, effects)

3. Double-Clicking on a bin will float it. If you Option click on the bin, it will open in a tab. Command click will open in place (can change behavior in Preferences)


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