10 Time Saving Tips for Video Editing in Premiere Pro CC

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These tips will save you time and you get up to speed quickly with the changes and new features in Premiere Pro CC!

More and more editors are checking out Premiere Pro and the new version has a lot to offer former FCP & Media Composer editors. In this post, I share my 10 favorite Premiere Pro Creative Cloud tips that will get you up to speed editing in Premiere Pro.

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Premiere Pro CC will be available June 2013 via Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

Project & Scratch Disk Changes

When you Launch Premiere Pro for the first time you are greeted with a “New Project” dialog box. Here you choose where your Project and Scratch Disk are being saved. Premiere Pro defaults to user/documents/Adobe/Premiere Pro (your Scratch Disks and Preview files follow the project by default). Be aware that if you are working with card media, they are considered imports and not captured media.

You can now change the location of your Auto Save folder to anywhere on your computer or external HD. Under the Scratch Disk tab assign your “Auto Save Folder” where you’d like.

Make your desired changes, click OK and Premiere Pro CC will launch. Previously this opened a “New Sequence” window. However, this new approach seems a more streamlined way of setting up your video editing projects and less intimidating to new users.

Assembly Workspace

Premiere Pro CC adds the new Assembly Workspace. This is a workspace layout that has a large Project area with the Program & Source Monitors sharing space. This is a handy workspace if you like to use Premiere Pro’s Hover Scrub, then set In & Out and use shortcuts to quickly Insert or Overwrite edit. read more...

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