10 Tips for Success at NAB

Screenlight by Chris Potter

Not everyone loves the hustle and bustle of conferences. If you are an introvert that's more comfortable in an edit suite than on the trade show floor, don't despair. I've found a way to go to these events, enjoy myself, and win.

You see, I fit the classic definition of an introvert. I enjoy spending time by myself. I like one-on-one conversations rather than group discussions. I need time alone to recharge my batteries and process the day's events. This generally isn't the perfect personality fit for an event with 88 thousand people.

But I've chosen a career path that isn't the easiest one for an introvert (no pain, no gain right?). As the founder of a startup, I have to get out and meet people, speak at events, make cold calls, and champion our service. I mean, if I don't spread the word about ScreenLight, then who will?

As a result, I've had to develop techniques to make the most of events like NAB. The core of this has been embracing who I am and playing to my strengths. There is no shame in being an introvert. In fact, there are several character traits that you can leverage at conferences and networking events. For example, introverts tend to be good listeners, they are generally empathetic, and they are good at deep one-on-one conversations.

Read on for ten tips on how to make the most of NAB.

1. Define Your Goals Before You Leave

Why are you going to NAB? What do you want to get out of it? How do you define success?

If you set your goals beforehand, then it makes it easier to prioritize what events you are going to go to before you get caught up in the hustle of meetings, pounding the trade show floor, and hitting the parade of events. read more...

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