15 more little Premiere Pro 2015 Gems from the Bros

1253350_origI found another great article that highlights some of the "small" new features in the CS Next release of Premeire Pro 2015. The Premiere Pro Bros have a very cool site loaded with BorTorials that Adobe editors will find very useful. Great job Bros!
Premiere Pro for Bros 15 "Small" Features in Premiere Pro CC 2015 Premiere Pro CC 2015 is more than just .looks The new Lumetri Color panel and Morph Cut features are stealing the spotlight of the Premiere Pro CC 2015 release. Don't overlook the "smaller" enhancements that make this version big. With special thanks to those who contributed their favorites, here's a list of 15 easy-to-miss updates/improvements in the new Premiere Pro CC 2015. read more...

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