$200 Off VEGAS Pro EDIT Software with FREE Upgrade to v. 16!

$200 Off and FREE Upgrade!

Vegas Pro Edit 15 Includes a free upgrade to version 16 when it's released!
$399.95 $199.00
Hurry! Offer expires 08/01/18

Professional Video & Audio Production Software

VEGAS Pro Edit 15 delivers a set of complete, modern editing tools in a lean, logical interface to help you realize your optimal creativity. The new, completely customizable, user interface enables you to work fast and efficiently. Filled with new features that deliver the power, accuracy, and speed you need to achieve professional results, version 15 takes innovation and creativity to new heights. HIGHLIGHTS
  • Major user interface innovations
  • Picture-in-Picture OFX plug-in with real-time controls on the Video Preview
  • Lookup Table (LUT) OFX plug-in
  • Hardware acceleration improvements
  • Instant Freeze Frame
  • Crop OFX plug-in with real-time controls on the Video Preview
  • ACES 1.0 support
  • Selectively paste event attributes

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