2010 'State of the Edit'

TV Technology by Jay Ankeney

This year’s “State of the Edit” report harvested some timely perspectives on our chosen craft from top industry insiders.

“We’re seeing a growing interest in what we call ‘editing for engaging experiences’ in Internet distribution, letting Internet viewers appreciate the additional benefits of Web-based delivery,” said Simon Hayhurst, senior director, product management, dynamic media at Adobe Systems Inc. “That means including all the metadata information available to the online viewer. Our ‘script-to-screen’ philosophy in Adobe Premiere lets the editor convey a maximum of the information generated during production to audiences who are increasingly turning to Internet delivery both on their home computer screens or to Internet-capable HDTVs.”

For example, people watching Fox’s “24” may want to pull up background information about characters from past episodes, or new locations Jack Bauer is exploring.

“That’s what we mean by ‘engaging experiences’ that can give productions like ‘24’ additional dimensions when seen online,” Hayhurst said. “This is a tremendous opportunity to build new post-production workflows without increasing production costs.”

When Autodesk brought out its Smoke 2010 software for the Mac platform last December, it generated new interest in using the system as the hub of a whole post-production workflow, according to Marc Hamaker, product marketing manager at the Montreal-based company. read more..

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