2021 Technology Review: We Made Streaming Look Better, Work Better and Easier To Do!

Here at Videoguys, we said on our weekly webinar that 2020 was the year that we made live streaming work.  This meant that 2021 was the year we make streaming look better, work better, and easier to use.  This happened with the assistance of some great new live streaming products and technologies.  On this weeks Videoguys Live Webinar, we're breaking down the best advancements in streaming and production, and how we made live streaming better.  

Check out the webinar, below. 

Small HDMI Switchers

2021 saw some great new HDMI switchers hit the market, which means easier multi-camera streaming.  ​

  • Build multi-cam productions on a budget with affordable HDMI cameras & switchers
  • New features like integrated PTZ camera control are perfect for a one-man show
  • Portable mixers are the perfect tool to throw into your camera bag to be ready when needed

Learn more about Roland HDMI Switchers HERE.

Learn more about RGBlink mini switchers HERE.

YoloBox Does More...

Another great HDMI switcher is the YoloLiv YoloBox, as well as the YoloBox Pro with expanded capabilities.  

  • Introduction of "Pro" shows the hardware advancements with lots of power & features
  • Upgrades to "OG" shows how the features from Pro can be brought to existing users
  • Perfect example of Hardware & Software improving over time

Learn more about "The OG" YoloBox HERE.

Learn more about YoloBox Pro HERE.

NDI 5 Technology Advances

The latest version of NDI makes it an even more powerful tool, with a ton of new features.  Download NDI 5 for free HERE.

  • NDI Grows beyond the local network with tools for Remote Production
  • New tools designed for even more advanced workflows including NDI Remote & NDI Bridge

NDI 5: NDI Bridge 

One of the most important aspects of NDI 5 that has set it apart from previous updates is the ability to work with signals outside of your network.  NDI Remote allows you to pull in remote signals one way, NDI Bridge is another feature that allows two studios to send signals to each others network for NDI productions.  

Check out this diagram detailing NDI Bridge Remote Workflows: 

NDI Video Conferencing

​NDI Video Conferencing has meant remote production guests being brought into any live streaming production is easier than ever.  And, after the whole world has been familiarized with Zoom and Teams, as well as other web conferencing apps, its even easier to familiarize your guests with the tools they need to look good being brought into your production.  

  • Zooms & Teams NDI Integration Keeps Getting Better!
  • Zoom added NDI video output on Mac
  • Microsoft Teams added full NDI integration

NewTek Completes TriCaster​:

NewTeks line of TriCasters have long been known as cutting edge top of the line systems.  This line has been completed by the addition of two new TriCaster systems including the TriCaster 1 Pro, and the TriCaster TC2 Elite.  

Broadcast TriCasters now available in the Good, Better, Best solutions starting at $14,995 and available from your NewTek Integrator​.  

The New TriCaster 1 Pro includes additional inputs, and live call connect allowing for four added calling inputs.  

Learn more about TriCaster HERE.

NDI Networks Got Easier

​NETGEAR has introduced some turnkey NDI Switches perfect for NDI systems of any size.  

  • Netgear M4250 Switches starting at $499 make it easier and faster to optimize your network for NDI and other workflows 
  • NDI & NDI5 presets take the guess work out of set-up

Learn more about NETGEAR Switches HERE.

PTZ Control Gets Better

Videoguys collection of PTZ Cameras and Controllers have expanded, and we now offer PTZ Cameras from BirdDog, NewTek, RGBlink, PTZOptics, Grass Valley, Panasonic and more. ​

Multiple types of PTZ Cameras means different levels of flexibility:  

  • Visca over IP, NDI control & serial control offers more flexibility than ever before

  • Auto-tracking tools improving with even better software coming in 2022

 Check out the PTZOptics SuperJoy at $899 with Network, NDI & Serial Control.

​Learn more about PTZ Cameras HERE.


SRT Has also come a long way in the past few years, and Epiphan Pearl Systems make for excellent contribution encoders for these workflows.  

Enable remote productions with contribution encoders, remote production control & more

Check out this diagram of an SRT workflow with Pearl, below:

Learn more about the Epiphan Pearl Family HERE.


While only available on high end systems, 5G adoption has increased the reliability of all data networks and increased cellular bonding.

LiveU Devices like the LU300 can Leverage 5G.

5G is not yet delivering on the promise.

Learn more about LiveU HERE.

Atomos Expands Ninja V 

  • Ninja V updated to support more cameras RAW
  • Ninja V Pro Kit with AtomX SDI
  • NEW! Ninja V+ is the world's first 8K RAW HDR monitor recorder
  • NEW! AtomX Cast adds HDMI switching to Ninja V & Ninja V+

Learn More About Atomos HERE.

BirdDog Making Things Better

  • BirdDog introduces PF120 to expand camera line with the perfect camera for everyone
  • BirdDog Color Tools allow you to mix and match cameras in any environment, and keep consistent color

Learn more about BirdDog HERE.​

Videoguys Top 10 

Join us in January to see how our excitement over these technological advancements helped us select the Videoguys Top 10 of 2021

Tune in Tuesday 1/4/22​ at 3pm ET on Facebook​ or YouTube for the Winners!

Check out the Webinar on YouTube HERE.​


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