After 25 years, Adobe Premiere Pro’s story is only just beginning | Digital Trends

Take a look at the history and evolution of Adobe's Premiere Pro software in this article from Digital Trends. From Digital Trends Premiere ProThis year marks the 25th anniversary of Adobe Premiere, the video editing software that is to videographers what Photoshop is to photographers. Adobe invited Digital Trends to take a look back at the history of the program, revealing the journey – sometimes evolutionary, and other times revolutionary – that made Premiere (now Premiere Pro) what it is today.
“Video users today can no longer just edit…you have to have a broader skillset.”
As nonlinear editing (NLE) systems from many big name players continue to evolve, Adobe remains confident that what has set Premiere apart in the past will continue to be its key differentiator moving forward: universal support for different media formats and seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications. We spoke with Adobe’s Bill Roberts, senior director of Video Product Management, and Dave Helmly, senior manager for Professional Video and Audio and a 26-year veteran of Premiere (yes, he was working with Premiere even before Adobe acquired it). Helmly shared an experience from those earliest days in a blog post covering Premiere’s anniversary (written by Roberts): “I remember lying on my living room floor, editing video on my [Apple] PowerBook laptop, something that was previously impossible. Premiere was the first affordable non-linear editor available to anyone.” Read more:

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