3 Creative In-Camera Transitions | Motion Array

Seasoned and newbie Premiere Pro editors can get a lot out of these transition tips from Motion Array. If you are looking for easy ways to film transitions, take a few minutes to check out this tutorial. In this video we show you how to get creative and increase your production value with 3 in-camera transitions. These are different from traditional transitions in the sense that they can theoretically be done without any editing whatsoever...theoretically. All you need is a camera and a bit of pre-planning.The three types of in-camera transitions are the invisible cut, the whip pan, and crossing the frame. Each of these 3 transitions uses visual aspects of your shot to trick the eyes into missing where the video cut occurred, causing the result to have a great deal of flow between shots. It's like a bit of a magic trick for your video. The invisible cut works by hiding your video cut by making the end frame of your first clip and the beginning frame of your second clip exactly the same. While this has been done a variety of ways before, perhaps the most versatile is...[continue reading]

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