Avid Artist DNxIO Hardware FAQs

11295839_1640169192863904_3303121248959139550_nAt NAB Avid introduced their newest I/O hardware the DNxIO. Capable of 4K resolutions and beyond. Many of our customers have asked us what are the main differences betweent he Avid DNxIO and the Blackmagic Ultrastudio. The information below is from Avid's FAQ.
Q. What are the differences between Avid Artist | DNxIO and the similar-looking Blackmagic Ultrastudio product? A. Avid has the exclusive ability to offer the following:
  • Real-time DNxHR hardware encoding, coming as a future no-cost software upgrade (restrictions may apply; functionality may be limited to certain software applications or operating systems). Avid DNxHR encoding gives you greater beauty without the bandwidth, with encoding that is optimized for the needs of post-production. Choose from a range of settings from lightweight proxies to mastering-quality 4K and Ultra HD.
  • Audio punch-in. With a front-panel microphone input jack, it’s quick and easy to record audio on-the-fly.
  • Fusion Connect Plug-in for Media Composer ($200 value). Advanced visual effects, motion graphics and compositing used on over 1000 major Hollywood blockbuster feature films, provided as a plug-in to operate within Media Composer. Also includes Fusion 7 software.
  • Two power cables for redundant connection
  • Warranty, service and support provided by Avid’s world class customer care team
  • Choice of Standalone or Bundled with Media Composer. Avid plans to offer:
    • Standalone Artist | DNxIO. Ideal if you already own Media Composer or other applications, including Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Resolve and more.
    • Artist | DNxIO with Media Composer perpetual license. This tested, proven solution includes everything above, plus a full perpetual Media Composer license and activation card (software download required—software never expires), and a one-year Avid upgrade and support plan providing all Media Composer upgrades and expert help for 12 months (renewable annually).
    • Artist | DNxIO with Media Composer 2-year subscription. This tested, proven solution includes everything above, plus a 2-year Media Composer subscription (software download required—must renew subscription after 24 months to continue using the software), and an Avid upgrade and support plan providing all Media Composer upgrades and expert help throughout an active subscription
Get more details on the Avid Artist | DNxIO on the new product page: http://www.avid.com/US/products/Artist-dnxio Read the FAQ: http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/FAQ/DNxIO-FAQ Pre-Order from Videoguys: http://www.videoguys.com/shop/allbrands/brands-ab/avid/avid-hardware/avid-dnxio.html

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