Interview with G-Tech about the New Atomos Master Caddy and the RED Mini Mag workflow

David Shapton from Red Shark interviewed G-Technology's Greg Cosby about the new Atomos Master Caddy and the RED Mini Mag workflow. Don't miss this interview here!

G-Technology now makes Atomos Master Caddys and supports RED storage media [Video]

David Shapton from RedShark interviews G-Technology’s Greg Crosby about the new Atomos Master Caddy and the RED Mini Mag workflow G-Technology has a reputation for making stylish-looking storage products that are robust and reliable. The company has become something of a de facto standard for video professionals and with that in mind, it’s no real surprise to see that it is becoming increasingly involved in the storage strategies of third parties - specifically, Atomos and RED. Most Atomos products require either SSD or Hard Disk storage, and this has traditionally been achieved with an Atomos “Master Caddy”: a plastic holder that an Atomos owner can use to house their own drives. This system works well but does involve some self-assembly. G-Technology’s take on this is to supply Master Caddys that are made of metal, not plastic, and containing G-Technology’s own drives. This means that G-Technology can guarantee the integrity of the Master Caddys as a whole, and, of course, they inherit the characteristics that G-Technology is famous for. G-Technology also makes adaptors for RED Mini Mag storage, interfacing the RED storage modules with G-Technology’s own EV ecosystem. It’s a great way to speed up your workflow, taking media direct from the camera, into your facility’s own storage. We interviewed Greg Crosby at September’s IBC show. Watch this clip to see the G-Technology Master Caddy and the RED Mini Mag workflow and click here to visit the G-Technology website.

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