The Creative Cloud Continues to Grow with Team Projects

Team Projects is a new hosted service that enables groups of editors to share the editorial workflow quickly without any additional hardware. Users can now work in one unified project. Adobe Max reveals what is to come in Cloud 2017. Jordan Aldredge reports here.

The Creative Cloud Continues to Grow with Team Projects

adobe-max-cover-865x505 Adobe Max reveals, yet again, that Adobe’s Creative Cloud is the across-the-board digital resource for video and film creatives. Here’s everything coming to the Cloud in 2017. Top image from Adobe Max via Annie St. Cyr Adobe Max is becoming the go-to mega-conference for the company’s growing army of digital creatives. Hosting over ten-thousand digital designers, photographers, videographers, editors, and all manner of multi-hat wearing creatives in San Diego, Adobe Max quite literally jam-packed a convention center full of all things Adobe. Guest speakers Jordan Peele and Quentin Tarantino highlighted presentations by Adobe’s program designers that previewed a host of updates and new features for the next version of the Creative Cloud. For those who haven’t joined the flock, Adobe’s current version of its Creative Cloud (Adobe CC 2017) is a monthly-subscription-based “cloud” service that offers different design-based programs in its suite. The full Cloud includes everything from mainstays like Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere Pro to more advanced programs like After Effects, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. There are also hybrid, crossover, and ancillary programs (Bridge, Media Encoder, and the new Behance social platform) that tie everything together. For those in the film and video production industry, the Creative Cloud has become the most popular service for across-the-board editing needs. The Cloud has changed how we work by crossing between programs like Premiere Pro and After Effects with assets and renders in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Media Encoder. If Adobe Max showed us anything, it’s that the Cloud is expanding to further engulf all of our video editing needs. Here’s everything you may have missed. Team Projects

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Currently in beta, CC 2017 will include Team Builder in Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Prelude as a way to encourage real-time sharing and collaboration between multiple creatives through the Cloud and across the world. At its heart, Team Builder is designed to help those with fragmented offices and scattered assets. Its version controls and conflict resolution screens allow for seamless sharing of sequences and compositions that truly streamlines team editing. [Continue Reading...]

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