5 Great Sound Editing Tools for Beginners

Vinny Alfano from Pro Sound Effects gives us the 5 great sound editing tools for beginners! Featured in this article is LaCie Storage Solutions, reliable, fast and versatile drives. These drives are compatible with any computer with USB-C, USB 3.0 and are water, shock and drop resistant. 5. Storage Files get lost. Hard drives crash. These things happen. It’s important to have your files backed up in multiple locations. I like to keep all of my sounds backed up to an external hard drive, as well as the cloud. Sound files can add up quickly and take up a bunch of space with all of the different sounds we may need while editing projects ranging from TV shows to films and digital content. Lacie makes a great and cheap 1TB hard drive that should give you plenty of space for starting your own sound library and collecting sounds from professional catalogs. Click here to read the full article on Pro Sound Effects

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