5 Great Tips to edit faster with Adobe Premiere Pro

Justin Brown gives us his secret on how he speeds up his editing workflow while creating better videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. Here are 5 great tips to help you edit faster!

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Adobe Premiere is an incredibly powerful option when it comes to Video Editing Software. I use it for the bulk of my professional projects, alongside Final Cut Pro for many of our weekly videos. Premiere has a HUGE range of features, and its integration with the rest of Adobe's suite is a massive advantage. Over the last few years its gone ahead in leaps and bounds, even drawing me away from my previous mainstay, Avid, for a lot of our longer documentary and broadcast content! There’s a lot of Adobe Premiere Tutorials available out there, but many of them miss some of the key Premiere Pro Tips that can help you edit videos faster with next to no learning curve! We’re talking about simple keyboard shortcuts, tricks, tips and techniques that can dramatically improve your Premiere workflow. Whether you’ve been using adobe premiere for a long time, or are just starting to figure out how to use adobe premiere, in this video we’ll run through my top 5 Adobe Premiere Pro editing techniques and tips to get you editing faster right now!

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