50+ Tutorials on Basic MC tips

Douglas is a great guy and one of our customers. He was a long time Liquid user who migrated to Media Composer. He has put together over 60 fantastic tutorials for all to share! Thank you Douglas, Avid editors new and old appreciate all the effort!!
Not so exciting as it sounds.
Instead of updating the list of tutorials hidden far down a "Migrating from Liquid" thread I decided to start a new thread with the updated list.

Although the first 20 or so links take you to tips which are more directed towards migrants from Liquid, the following tips are of a more general character and can be useful for newcomers migrating from any platform.

As MC has so many ways of producing the same result, there may even be some tips that can make the seasoned MC users say, "Aha!"

Link01 Who am I?
Link02 About my Set-up (from tutorial 31 and on, my setup now runs MC 3.0.5)
Link03 Where is the timeline?
Link04 Now I have a timeline - What next?
Link05 A simple mistake when capturing for the first time
Link06 Does MC have "Instant-save"?
Link07 HDV and the Long GOP" error - problem and solution
Link08 The Fast Menu "Hamburger"
Link09 Checking for duplicates and shared clips
Link10 Removing an Effect
Link11 Quick Dissolve
Link12 Very basic look at some Media Management
Link13 "Missing Black" error
Link14 Undo / Redo
Link15 Adding colour to your timeline
Link16 Customising your Timecode window
Link17 Layout flexibility
Link18 "Add-edit" similar to Liquid's "Razor Tool"
Link19 TitleDekoPro may be in your MC if you migrated from Liquid!
Link20 Source/Record track selection
Link21 Entering and exiting "Trim-Mode"
Link22 Opening Pop-up Monitors
Link23 Very basic Keyboard-mapping
Link24 Setting up the Timecode Display
Link25 Fluid Morph
Link26 Creating a simple slow-motion effect
Link27 Isolating a timeline track in the record monitor
Link28 Changing the picture on a thumbnail
Link29 Emulating the Liquid Timeline
Link30 Shorten and stretch audio tracks
Link31 Timeline set-up and adding tracks
Link32 The Superbin - very basic introduction
Link33 Adjusting the thumbnails in bins
Link34 Using "Source/Record" Toggle to view audio tracks
Link35 2 methods of copying and pasting clips
Link36 Restrict the movement of clips when moving them between tracks
Link37 Adding "Black" as opposed to "Fillers"
Link38 Mapping the "Toggle Source/Record" button
Link39 Resizing Timline tracks
Link40 Selecting timeline to the left/right of the cursor
Link41 Audio gain and Keyframes
Link42 Simple Vignette created by the Paint Effect
Link43 My thoughts about getting from MC to DVD or Blu-Ray
Link44 Saving and Sharing a newly created Effect
Link45 AMC and DVDitPro HD (AvidDVD) part 1 of 6
Link46 AMC and DVDitPro HD (AvidDVD) part 2 of 6
Link47 AMC and DVDitPro HD (AvidDVD) part 3 of 6
Link48 AMC and DVDitPro HD (AvidDVD) part 4 of 6
Link49 AMC and DVDitPro HD (AvidDVD) part 5 of 6
Link50 AMC and DVDitPro HD (AvidDVD) part 6 of 6
Link51 Stretching an Audio track (adapted from Link30)
Link52 Squeezing an Audio track (adapted from Link30)
Link53 Changing Language can cause MC to hang.
Link54 Paint-a-path with AvidFX – Part 1
Link55 Border around Record Monitor flashes when playback starts
Link56 Using “Match Frame Edit”
Link57 Paint-a-Path with AvidFX – Part 2
Link58 Fading a Title Clip - 2 methods Added January 4th
Link59 Drag & Drop to create Sub-clips Added January 5th

Link60 AvidFX Text Tool - Part 1 Added January 6th

Link61 Not yet!


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