5D Mark II vs 7D for HD

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Introduced in September of 2008, the Canon 5D Mark II changed the landscape for HD shooters who wanted shallow depth of field and flexible lens options on a budget. It sold like gangbusters and has changed the landscape significantly. Now it’s September of 2009 and Canon has introduced the 5D’s little brother, the 7D. Equipped with a smaller APS-C sized sensor but with some additional features, many HD shooters are now wondering which camera is for them, whether they should hold off on a 5D purchase to get the 7D, whether they will compliment each other well, and whether something new might be coming down the pipe.


In this evolving article we’ll cover the pros and cons of both the 5D Mark 2 and the 7D, and examine what other changes may be on the horizon. We’ll include information about the updated 5D Mark II firmware as well as the Magic Lantern aftermarket firmware, and try and come to some conclusions about where the market is headed.

Feature by Feature

Fundamental SLR Benefits

The strongest argument for these two cameras are the multitude of lens options available, the low cost compared to equivalent sized video camera sensors, and the flexibility of using the camera to shoot excellent stills as well. These cameras both excel in this respect.

Clip Length, Storage Type & Clip Compatibility

The cameras are equally enabled and hobbled here. By using high speed Compact Flash cards as opposed to camera-specific cards, prices are driven by the market and good deals can be found. read more...

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