64-bit Performance White Paper: Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium


Take advantage of 64-bit operating systems today

Modern production workflows benefit tremendously from applications such as Adobe CS4 Production Premium that are architected and optimized for 64-bit operating systems. HD workflows can show 50% to 200% speedup moving from 32-bit with 4GB of RAM to 64-bit with 16GB of RAM1 .

Performance gains include increased editing speed, rapid switching among tools and faster rendering - all of which give you more time to be creative. Digital Content Producer Online's Jan Ozer tested CS4 Production Premium on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems and his "rendering trials clearly show that a 64-bit system will deliver superior performance with most formats"1. This means that, with Production Premium CS4, moving up to 16GB of RAM could be the best ROI investment you make in productivity this year since 16GB of RAM typically costs under $500.

Adobe's 64-bit support:

  • All Adobe(r) Creative Suite(r) 4 applications are tested on 64 bit operating systems (OS).
  • Photoshop(r) CS4 software offers native 64-bit support for Microsoft(r) Windows(r) Vista now. Native 64-bit support on Mac OS is coming in a future release.
  • Photoshop Lightroom(r) 2 software supports 64-bit processing, utilizing the advanced memory handling capabilities on the latest Mac OS and Windows systems.
  • After Effects(r) CS4 software is architected and optimized for 64-bit operating systems.
  • Adobe Premiere(r) Pro CS4 software is architected and optimized for 64 bit operating systems.
  • Photoshop, After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro are architected for 64-bit today, and will be further optimized in future releases (for both Mac OS and Windows Vista).

Why 64-bit operating systems matter in video production
Digital video production's demand for computing power--necessitated by increasingly high resolutions and the expectation of real-time responsiveness--is making 64-bit operating systems a core component of the modern editing workflow. The number of processing cores per CPU continues to increase, as does the amount of RAM (32GB or more in some cases) each can access.

Video production is inherently multi-disciplinary, and shrinking budgets and increasingly powerful software mean production specialists in every area are stretching beyond their core strengths to handle other aspects of a production.

Because 64-bit systems make it possible to run many applications simultaneously while maintaining real-time playback, they can speed the production process considerably by providing instant access to a broad array of creative options. read more...

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