9 Essential OS X Maintenance & Set Up Tips Mac Users Should Do Right Now

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Happy New Year! Start your new year off right with some simple digital resolutions to make your Mac perform better, be safer and more secure, plus you will get some added peace of mind. We’ve broken these tips into three simple sections, follow along and your Mac will thank you for the year to come.

Perform Basic System Maintenance

We have covered various simple ways to maintain a Mac before, and with the start of a new year there’s no better time to run through some easy basic maintenance tasks.

  • Update System Software – Keeping OSX and core system software up to date is important for optimal performance, stability, and security. This is so easy to do, pull down the ? Apple menu, choose Software Update, and install what’s necessary. Reboot and you are good to go.
  • Update Apps to Newest Versions – The latest versions of apps include new features and bug fixes, and keeping your apps up to date is just as important as your OS X system software. If most of your apps come from the App Store, this is so easy to do there’s virtually no reason not to do it. Just open up the Mac App Store, visit the Updates tab, and install them all.
  • Clean Up Junk – Spend some time freeing up disk space by deleting stuff you no longer need. Look at your Downloads folder and trash anything that isn’t necessary, delete large files and archives that are no longer needed, and if you want to go even further, check out our guide on how torecover disk space on a Mac. read more...

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