A few hidden gems in Premiere Pro CC 2015

PPro_2015_ppro_2015_splashScott Simmons over at Pro Video Coalition has posted a great article on some of the littel tweaks, changes and new features Adobe has given us with their latest release. This is a great example of one of the key benefits of the subscription model. Adobe is free to add any new features they want, whenever they want. As a Creative Cloud member you get them free. No upgrade charges. Pretty sweet. Enjoy all the new features, big & small.
PVC by Scott Simmons The Big Little things editors will love in the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 release. There's some nice little features in this update, especially around trimming It’s mid-June 2015 and the Adobe Creative Cloud update that was promised before NAB has shipped. While most all of the CC apps were updated we’re only going to look at Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015. We had the NAB-preview and there’s been a lot written on the new Lumetri color correction tools and the apps in general so I wanted to talk about a few things that I came across while using the update for a full work day. What I noticed was there are quite a few small features (like some other PPro updates that have come down the tubes) that are in this 2015 update that don’t make the headlines. They are little interface tweaks or feature additions that might make the creative offline editors very happy but wouldn’t necessarily sell a lot of licenses or make very good demos. But they are very important so there they are, IMHO. read more...

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