A Q and A with Avid about Sphere, ISIS and Interplay

PVC by Scott Simmons

Avid Sphere Interplay ISIS

I admit to not being able to keep these products straight so I thought I'd ask Avid to explain them to me

Adobe made a big splash over the last year + with Adobe Anywhere, their “real-time collaboration” platform meant to connect editors without physical limitations. If you have the right hardware then Adobe Premiere Pro CC is ready for Adobe Anywhere. Avid also has their own version of this real-time collaboration idea … in fact Avid had this option available before Adobe had Anywhere. It’s called Interplay Sphere and I don’t know much about it. Since The Editblog did a Q and A with Adobe about Anywhere it’s only fair we do the same with Avid.

Actually I know a bit about Avid Interplay Sphere but not a lot. I don’t know exactly what is required to use Sphere, what the Interplay component means exactly, how much it might cost and how it might compare to Adobe Anywhere. In fact is it really the same thing as Adobe Anywhere or something quite different. I presented the Q and A to Adobe back in August when I was reading a lot of confusing things about Anywhere. I laid out a series of questions that I hoped would clarify the Anywhere product to me so I hope it did the same for some readers who might have been confused about Adobe Anywhere as well.

I will admit that I’ve often been confused with a lot of the Avid offerings outside of Media Composer. I’ve never been exactly sure of the difference between a Unity and an ISIS. I’ve used an Interplay system but wasn’t sure where it fit into the mix of all the other Avid hardware. I understood Sphere to be Avid’s Adobe Anywhere competitor but knew little about it other than it came first.

It was those types of questions that I sent over to Avid to try to understand their product line a bit better. Our loyalty here at The Editblog isn’t to any one company so I thought it only fair to give Avid the opportunity to answer the same types of questions about Interplay Sphere that Adobe answered about Anywhere. read more...

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