NAB2018: LaCie Rugged RAID Pro

What makes the LaCie Rugged RAID Pro different, like LaCie's 2big Dock, is the new SD card reader slot. What better way to make your workflow easier when you are on location? We have their rugged RAID available now, but not the Pro version with the handy card reader. You'll have to hold tight for that one - it's slated to launch in early summer 2018. From

lacie rugged NAB, Seagate unveiled the newest model in their durable Rugged hard drive line. The LaCie Rugged RAID Pro offers 4 terabytes (TB) of hard drive space and transfers data at speeds up to 240 megabytes per second (MB/s).

Familiar Bright Orange Case Protects It from the Elements

Like the rest of the Rugged line, the new Rugged Pro is designed specifically for hard, all-terrain use. Instantly recognizable by its bright orange, rubber casing, the Rugged Pro is shock, dust, crush and water resistant, making it an ideal travel hard drive when venturing into wild, remote areas for on-location production...

New SD Card Reader Allows for Data Transfer in the Field

This versatile RAID also includes, new to the Rugged RAID line, an integrated SD card reader allowing for the easy transfer of data with or without a computer as an intermediary. With the SD card reader and 4TB of storage space, simply carrying this hard drive can exponentially increase your video storage capability without needing to bring a handful of SD cards wherever you more

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