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Specialty Video Supply Academic SalesWe are the leaders in video editing & production equipment for schools, universities, government, military and national organizations.

We can help you get the BEST video editing solution for YOUR needs... at special discounted prices that meet YOUR budget!!! Putting together a digital video editing solution for your organization can seem like a difficult task. There are so many questions: What kind of a computer do you need?; Can you use the computers you have?; What equipment do you need?; Who do you call if you need support?

Call Dan, our Educational Sales Manager at 1-800-323-2325 x123

At Specialty Video Supply we have the answers to all of these questions and some you didn't even know to ask! We are a division of and we have specialized in video editing for over 25 years! We created Specialty Video Supply to address the special needs & unique requirements of the organizational buyer.

The educational market is growing tremendously as schools and educators upgrade outdated equipment and, with the availability of more affordable equipment, add new technology. In the past, a video installation meant a room full of expensive, clunky, challenging equipment. Now, all the school needs to get involved in video is an easy-to-use camera and a computer. Specialty Video Supply assists educators to configure a computer system from their contracted vendor with the proper speed, memory and operating system to handle video editing, and then works with them to select the appropriate video editing products, DVD burners and hard drive storage that best meets their application.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the technology as well as the expertise to spec out a system, answer system requirements questions and get the systems up and running. With our educational division, we’re able to work with the different needs and requirements of educators and students. We can give recommendations and establish relationships with both those who will use the equipment and those who authorize the purchase.

We have academic software and hardware available for evreyone who qualifies including:

Students & Teachers in the Classroom

The best thing you can do in the classroom is work with the same tools that professionals are using in the field. Fortunately, many professional video editing applications are available at deeply discounted educational prices and has a special sales division that will help you take advantage of these discounts. If you have a valid student or teacher ID, course schedule or transcript, then you qualify to purchase the academic versions of products from Specialty Video Supply! Here are just a few of the great deals we have for you.

Students at Home

DV and HDV camcorders are more affordable and YouTube and GoogleVideo are more popular than ever. These are just some of the reasons why more and more young people are getting involved in video editing. We speak to a lot of parents that want to support that interest without breaking the bank so we've chosen these low-cost editing applications and accessories for your budding videographer. Whether they're shooting skateboard videos or their first "mock"umentary, we have the products they need to make great videos. If you’re confused by DV, HDV, AVCHD, MPEG and the rest of the alphabet-soup, give the Videoguys a call at 800-323-2325 and we'll be happy to help you choose the editing software that supports your camcorder's format.

School AV Department and Multimedia Labs can help you set-up your multimedia lab! If you're broadcasting school events, sports games, news productions, etc. we have video production studios like the NewTek TriCaster and pre-configured Datavideo Hand-carried and Mobile solutions. We also have special volume licensing on video editing software from all of the leading manufacturers. Call our Educational Sale Specialist, Dan, at 1-800-323-2325 x123 for more information and assistance.

Just click the Academic Button at the top of any page or click here for the Academic discounted products available at

In order to qualify for the Educational versions of the products listed on this site, or any discounted educational pricing, you must be able to provide TWO (2) forms of ID from the appropriate column:


• Valid School ID
• Shipping or billing address to school residence, dorm or classroom
• Qualifying e-mail address (.edu)
• Registration receipt, school transcript, course schedule or other documentation


• Valid School ID
• School pay-stub (please cross-out all financial information)
• Shipping or billing address to school residence, dorm or classroom
• Qualifying e-mail address (.edu)
• Course outline, course schedule or other documentation


• Shipping or billing address to school
• A purchase order with acceptable billing, shipping, and accounts payable information or other payment terms


Please note: Not all educational products and prices are available to government agencies. Please call for complete details.
• A purchase order with acceptable billing, shipping, and accounts payable information or other payment terms

Send all purchase orders to:

Specialty Video Supply- division of
10-12 Charles St., Glen Cove, NY 11542
Fax (516) 671-3092

Special Requirements: Avid requires picture ID and a current dated academic ID at a degree-granting institution and a current class schedule with a minimum of 6 credit hours in a degree-seeking program. All Commerical use is prohibited. User license is non-transferable. Educational products are upgradeable to commercial versions

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