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Snippets of conversations I had about CS5

Rather than tell you my favorite new features of Premiere Pro CS5 and the new video suite, I’d thought I’d blog about some comments I heard on the NAB show floor today.

Attendee on GPU acceleration in Premiere:
“I recently bought a new computer that did not have a supported Mercury hardware card(NVIDIA CUDA) and I was relieved to see that Mercury running in 64 bit software mode was totally fast. I just spent a ton of money on an ATI card and it looks like it will work great with Mercury. To the least, I’m relieved”

My response:
After making the “Sneak Peek” Mercury video a few months ago, I think we put too much emphasis on using a supported hardware card. Remember that Mercury has 2 modes, software(CPU) and hardware assist(GPU+CPU)Users with ATI cards or other unsupported cards will still have an incredible experience with CS5. Even on my MacBook Pro laptop (2.93 GHz), I’m editing 4 layers with graphics and effects in Realtime. It’s pretty surprising. Thank you to Apple and Microsoft for 2 great 64 bit OSes. BTW – Windows 7 64 is really good with CS5, I’m starting to use a new HP Elitebook and I have zero complaints. As a longtime mac user, this new laptop now has my attention.

Attendee commenting on 3D:
“I had no idea Adobe had a 3D workflow for Premiere Pro and After Effects. Being able to render effects and transitions and keep those processes as true Left and Right eye (Stereo) on a single timeline has a leg up on the competition. Their Export process was clean and simple, the whole process was really not that much different than editing standard video.”

My response:
The credit here really needs to go to the mind-blowing development team at Cineform who always seem to keep Adobe Premiere one-step ahead in the latest high-tech trend in video. They’ve been a longtime developer partner for us and know our SDK inside out. Their new CS5 NEO3D plug-in works fantastic in 64 bit. I’ve been working on our 3D CS5 workflow story for while now with Cineform and I must say that what Cineform brings to Premiere and After Effects arrived just in time for all of the new 3D content that needs to be created to support the new 3D channels launching soon. read more...

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