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Kevin Monahan is a long time friend of Videoguys and we follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. He posted two articles with videos on LinkedIn from IBC that give some interesting new informationa and details on not just the latest Adobe Creative Cloud release, but a peak into what Adobe has coming in the not so distant future. Adobe's Bill Roberts gives us a look at the roadmap for Adobe Video products and John Barrie talks about Adobe Anywhere. Good stuff!

Bill Roberts of Adobe at IBC 2015 on the future of Adobe video products

Here is a recent interview with Bill Roberts, the Sr. Director of Product Management for Adobe video applications from the IBC 2015 convention, in Amsterdam. Some topics covered in the video:
  • Is the editor still important in these modern times?
  • The source of the media vs. the content of the media?
  • How do you seamlessly interact with media?
  • How do good tools help the artist achieve goals?
  • The potential of mobile devices and their applications with incredible creative potential.
  • Editing with the device you have at hand: Premiere Clip
  • Advantages of using Creative Cloud for video post: synching with Creative Cloud and Premiere Pro
  • Creating the right interface for the right device using Creative Cloud as a seamless conduit to pass ideas around.
  • The use of the smart phone in today's news gathering environment is of growing importance.
  • The intuitiveness of good video tools and being able to express yourself more easily.
  • Touch screen improvements or keyboard driven workflows are both powerful depending on the workflow.
  • What is the dominant method of media creation?
  • The desktop has a future with the home experience moving to large format UHD media, so innovation for desktop apps will continue.
  • The layer of services in the Creative Cloud platform is becoming more rich in its feature set when it comes to video.
  • On Creative Cloud in the video domain, a RED file can be played back on any device, or you can exchange data with Clip, or Hue, for example.
  • In the future, you will be combining all the services and to sure what you need is on the device you happen to have the task at hand.
  • The desktop (applications) will still be the anchor.

Adobe Anywhere at IBC 2015: single location collaboration-only version announced

There was a technology preview of Adobe Anywhere at IBC 2015 with new options for Creative Cloud for Teams subscribers. This announcement might be of keen interest to post house owners and "less then enterprise-sized" companies that need a more collaborative workflow. If this announcement slipped by you, please read on: The following press release was made and given in a number of trade publications, like Post Magazine.
Adobe Anywhere, a workflow platform for enterprise teams to collaborate, adds the ability to be deployed as either a multi-location streaming solution or a single-location collaboration-only version.
I think this is really exciting news for many people, so stay tuned! Timing and pricing are TBA. More info in the following interview with my colleague, Jon Barrie from Adobe.

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