Videomaker by Chris "Ace" Gates

The Adobe Creative Cloud video applications received some significant new features, as well as workflow improvements that are beneficial to users of all skill levels. The upgrades trend toward increased efficiencies, especially for the video editor who wears multiple hats.

This year, users of Adobe Creative Cloud learned more about how Adobe is handling upgrades to Creative Cloud applications. One of the advantages of a Creative Cloud subscription is that the user gains immediate access to updates as they are rolled out. Updates don?t require an additional cost or fee, and occur quite frequently. The question that loomed for many users was whether or not there would be multiple versions of the software, and the answer is yes, there will be versioning of the Creative Cloud. On June 18, Adobe rolled out the latest version of Creative Cloud, Adobe Creative Cloud 2014. The 2014 update is filled with new tools and workflow improvements across all of the Creative Cloud applications.

The majority of Adobe?s updates to the video apps surrounds the use of Adobe Premiere Pro CC as the central editing hub for the Adobe video workflow. Adobe increased the efficiency and reliability of the dynamic link between Premiere Pro and the other video applications, such as Adobe After Effects CC and Adobe Speedgrade CC. New features and increased functionality for common tasks were added into Premiere Pro CC to decrease the amount of round tripping needed between Premiere Pro and the other apps. Likewise, the interoperability of tasks begun in Premiere Pro now carry over into other programs, such as After Effects, to increase the efficiency of specialized tasks that can only be performed in a particular program. read more...

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