Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 Production Premium

Adobe CS4Work with the complete pre- and post-production solutionTake your productions from planning through delivery using powerful, intuitive tools that make the creation process smoother and more efficient. Available for Windows速 and Intel速 based Mac OS systems, Adobe速 Creative Suite速 4 Production Premium pairs world-class video, audio, and design tools with integration features that help save you valuable production time at every step.

Take creative controlProduce engaging experiences by leveraging innovative new 3D workflows and enhanced editing, design, and compositing features, all brought together with an intuitive user interface. Production Premium offers exceptional components that give you unparalleled creative control.

Be more efficientStreamline the entire creative process with Adobe Dynamic Link and convenient roundtrip editing functionality among Production Premium components. Groundbreaking new project intelligence with new XMP metadata support pioneers new ways of using metadata to make video assets searchable online and offline.

Deliver to any screenWhether your production will be seen in the theater, the living room, the office, or on the road, Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium helps you extend your reach by enabling you to deliver high-quality content no matter what screen viewers are using.

Upgrade pricing is as follows:

  • From point product (Any Premiere, AE7+, PhotoShop CS+) $1099
  • From CS3 Production Premium $599
  • From CS2 Production Studio Std or Premium $599 (before 2/28/09)

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Click here for Adobe's great 30 minute preview of CS4 Production Premium

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