Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium tips and tricks

Adobe recently published (with the help of Richard Harrington) a new collection of Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium tips and tricks. This document was created to support DSLR workflows with Creative Suite Production Premium, but there are tips in here that are of use to just about everyone.

The document is full of tips for Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Bridge, Adobe Media Encoder, and After Effects, as well as several more about selecting gear, shooting footage, and recording audio. It’s clear that Richard and the other folks who worked on this collection of tips have lots of experience using their tools and have learned the best and most efficient ways to accomplish many things.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 tips and tricks

Explore the creative possibilities of DSLR video editing with Adobe Creative Suite 5 software. This paper provides tips and tricks for navigating Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5, Photoshop® CS5, Photoshop CS5 Extended, After Effects® CS5, and other CS5 components to help you along the way.

Tips and timesavers for basic editing and working in the timeline

Making quick edits in the timeline (Adobe Premiere Pro)
As you edit in the timeline, you may want to change the length of a shot. Here are a few quick editing techniques you should know:

  • Razor—Press Cmd+K (Mac OS) or Ctrl+K (Windows®) to split a clip at the playhead.
  • Razor All Tracks—Press Shift+Cmd+K (Mac OS) or Shift+Ctrl+K (Windows) to split all tracks at the playhead.
  • Clear—Press the Forward Delete key to remove a selected segment and leave a hole behind.
  • Ripple Delete—Press Shift + Forward Delete to remove a selected segment and close the gap in
    the sequence.

Making your mark (Adobe Premiere Pro)
As you work in the timeline or source window, you’ll come to rely upon In and Out points to accurately
edit. These two points can clearly define which part of a clip you want to use, what section of the timeline
you want to replace, or where to remove footage.
Here are the most essential commands:

  • In—Press I to add an In point.
  • Out—Press O to add an Out point.
  • Clear In—Press D to clear an In point.

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