Adobe CS4 -- The Official Release Introduced Today

Creative Cow CS4

Creative Cow's 900,000 monthly visitors do more than one thing, so we offer more than one perspective on everything. That's especially important with a subject as big as Let's start with articles on CS4: Eran Stern on A Compositor's Look at CS4, and David Roth Weiss on An Editor's Look at CS4. Then tune into the Creative Cow Podcast, where Franklin McMahon talks about the features he's working with in After Effects, Premiere Pro, OnLocation, Encore, Soundbooth, and Photoshop Extended, as well as a deeper conversation with Eran Stern.

And of course, join hundreds of thousands of Cows from around the globe in the Creative Cow forums. Whether in peer-to-peer support communities for Adobe software, or cameras, or production, you'll find even more real-world experience from media creation pros in film and televsion.

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