Adobe Interviews Performing Artist Mark Morreau about Using Premiere Pro

Step Right Up: How Mark Morreau Is Using Adobe Premiere Pro to Help Contemporary Circus Go Digital

From Adobe blog Mark Morreau’s videography career started with the circus. In 1980s London, Morreau was introduced to juggling by the puppeteer who was the left arm and tongue of Jabba the Hut. Before Morreau knew it, juggling as a hobby led to circus school and a job with a touring company as a trapeze artist. In 2003, after 25 years as a performer and teacher, Morreau decided to “run away from the circus.” He didn’t get very far. Now a videographer and photographer focused on performing arts, Morreau’s wide-ranging projects have included a touring gallery installation of disabled dancers to most recently, an aerial theatre show that explores the teenage brain. He’s also studying for a Master’s of Digital Theatre. How did you first start dabbling in video? Morreau: In 1995, the Arts Council gave me money to buy a video camera to take on a study tour of circus schools in North America, and I got to keep it. By then I was already then a bit entranced by this medium of moving pictures with sound, something I’d never met before. Two years later, when I tried to run away from the circus, I signed up for a Digital Media Course. They showed me all these great tools, like Photoshop, but particularly Adobe Premiere. I was quite taken by it. It became an extension of telling stories in the same way I’d been telling stories in the circus...[continue reading]

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